By Dervish / Last Updated November 4, 2022

SD card shows incorrect size? Or you want to use a MicroSD in a smartphone, unfortunately in its technical speccs and user manual, it takes up to a smaller MicroSD size? No worry, we are about to provide full tips on how to resize SD card partition in Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, Vista, and XP.

SD card is the perfect choice to expand storage capacity. In most cases, it's convenient and delightful. While it's worthy of paying attention to its using conditions, or you may end up failing to utilize its resource. If digital device or a reader limits on SD card size, a larger SD card will not be acceptable. For example, it's well known that Samsung Note 3 supports maximal 64G SD card, and if someone uses a 128G MicroSD in Note 3, he won't be able to see it or use it, unless resizing SD card partition to 64G.

Case 1: Resize SD Card Partition to A Small Size

For starter, a free partition manager - AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard needs to be downloaded and installed, as it's the shortcut to fast resize SD card partition. Rest operations are extremely easy:

Step 1. Plugin SD card to Computer. If the computer is too old and doesn't have SD slots, then you will need a SD card reader for PC.

Step 2. Launch the partition freeware, click to select SD partition. Right-click and choose [Resize Partition].

Resize Partition on SD Card

In next windows, you are entitled to write a capacity to resize. In the meanwhile, there are some tricks to find the best number. To make it clear, an example is listed: we have 32GB MicroSD and need to shrink the partition to make a 16GB MicroSD. All we have to do is to divide the showing number 29.11GB by 2 (32GB/16GB) and input it.

Shrink Partition on SD Card

Step 3. Click [Apply] and [Proceed] to execute SD card partition resizing task. When it's done, you are allowed to use SD card on a smaller limit device. And your data will be remained after the process.

Apply Resize Partition on SD Card

Proceed Resize SD Card Partition

Case 2: SD Card Showing Wrong Size

Using SD card in different devices may result in wrong capacity. Some advanced SD readers will automatically resize a large size SD card to its limit size. And other errors may cause by improper partition operations. Either case, you can follow below guideline to correct it:

▶ Restore SD Card to Full Capacity

To partition SD card, we still use AOMEI free partition resizer. Before proceeding, safely backup files on SD card to somewhere else as long as you want.

Step 1. Open the software, select the hidden logical partition and right click it. Press [Delete Partition], [OK] and [Apply] in serial.

Delete Partition on SD Card

Step 2. Go back to select SD card major partition (the former one), right click it and hit [Resize Partition], [Apply]. After resizing SD card disk, you will have your SD card whole again.

Extend SD Card Partition

▶ Supported SD Cards

AOMEI Partition Assistant fully supports mainstream SD cards, including Sandisk, Kingston, Toshiba, Lexar, Transcend SD card, Delkin Flash Memory Card, etc.

The Verdict

AOMEI Partition Assistant is the best solution for SD card partitioning. In shrink SD card partition, it's swift and stable, data is safe. When using it to expand SD card partition, it runs faster and reliable. Also, you can use extra backup protection.