A Safe Steam Mover Alternative: Move Steam Game to another Drive

This post tells you how to transfer Steam games using Steam Mover and introduces an easy-to-use alternative to Steam Mover to save you from Steam Mover not working problem.


By Dervish / Updated on May 12, 2023

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The case: want to move Steam games


I want to move Steam games to the newly purchased SSD to improve performance. I heard that Steam Mover can be implemented, but that seems very complicated. Can anyone tell me how to use Steam Mover and what will happen when using it?"


How to use Steam Mover to transfer games

When Steam Mover can work normally, you can use it to transfer games from one drive to another drive. Next, I will show you how to use Steam Mover step by step.

Step 1. Download and install Steam Mover from here. You can see the main interface of Steam Mover.

Step 2. In "Steam Apps Common Folder", select the game you want to move. In the "Alternative Folder", select the new path to be removed. Then click the "right" button below.

PS.: Steam Mover runs one command at a time and stops if an error occurs.

Step 3. The selected target is being transferred, please be patient.

Step 4. After that, you have successfully transferred the selected game to the new path.

If you want to move the game back to the original path, just click the left arrow button.

☞ There is a limitation when using Steam Mover, that is you can only move the installed applications from one NTFS drive to another NTFS drive. It does not support any other file systems.
☞ “Steam Mover error level 5”, “Steam Mover not responding” may be occurred when Steam Mover running. 

Move Steam games via AOMEI Partition Assistant

As you can see, Steam Mover has some flaws that make it not so easy when you use it.

Fortunately, there is a safe Steam Mover alternative: AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional.  It can move all the programs that have been installed on Windows to a different drive on the same disk, or even to a drive on a different disk. And there are no restrictions on the File System, you can move installed programs freely between NTFS and FAT32. More importantly, it does not error when it runs. If you want to know how to move an installed program to another drive, you must not miss it.

In addition, Disk Clone, Allocate Free Space From One Partition to Another, Disk Defrag are all commonly used functions. Don’t hesitate, please download the demo version for a free trial!

Download Demo Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

PS.: Please click the download link above to download the Demo version for trial.

 Step 1. Install and launch PA Professional, right-click the target drive and select "APP Mover".

Click App Mover

Step 2. When the main interface of this function is opened through All Tools-->Other Tools-->App Mover, select the partition where the file to be moved exists and clickNext”.


Step 3. In this step, tick the application you want to move and the location where the target file wants to move. You can make multiple selections, then click "Move".


PS.: You must select a disk with enough space for the new file.

Step 4. Decide if you want to move, and then click "OK".


Step 5. After the "Move" is completed, click "Finish" to return to the PA main interface.


If you want to restore the moved programs to the original path, the operation is also very easy.

Step 1. In the main interface,  click "All Tools" and "App Mover".

Step 2. Click "Manage/Restore Apps", the applications you have moved before will be listed, choose one or multiple apps you want to restore and click "Restore".

Step 3. You will see a pop-up message to confirm forcibly closing running applications when restoring starts. Click "OK" to begin the process.

Step 4. You have restored the moved applications to their original location.

The above is the whole process of using AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro to move and restore the target software.


From what has been discussed above, this article not only shows you how to use Steam Mover but also introduces you to a Steam Mover alternative. You are free to choose. If you want to use AOMEI Partition Assistant in Windows Server, please upgrade to Server edition.

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