By Teresa / Last Updated August 16, 2019

Need to Copy Game Disk

“I’d like to replace my PS3 game disk with a larger hard drive because the original is too small to store my current games. I’ve heard that I can simply swap the disk and install all games from scratch. That might work but I don’t want to do those reinstallations because I don’t want to lose my assets and progress in the game. So, is there any possible way to copy entire game disk to the new disk without data loss?”

Do you come across similar troubles while gaming? Some users want to change game disk owing to other factors. For instance, the game disk is too old to run installed game smoothly. Accompanying issues would be slow loading game, game stuck while playing, even a game cannot start up, etc.

In addition, copying game disk is a mean of backing up important data. That is, even if the condition of your game disk is pretty well, it is not conflict to perform disk copying. Well, what do you need for copying a game disk without losing data?

How to Copy Game Disk?

Some kinds of game consoles like PS3 and PS4 have built-in backup utility, with which, you are able to perform disk backup. And then, restore the image to new disk.

Copy Game Disk via Build-in Backup Utility

This paragraph will take copying PS3 game disk to hard drive for example. Please prepare an empty external hard drive and connect it to the PS3 console. That external drive is used to store backup image.

1. In PS3, go Settings > System Settings and then press the cross-like button to enter.

2. You’ll see several options, Backup, Restore and Delete Backup Data. ChooseBackup. Then, it will start backing up PS3 game data to the external drive.

3. Replace the new disk with the old. Approach to the Backup utility and chooseRestore this time. You may need to restart your game console after restoring.


  • The new disk needs to be formatted to FAT32 or exFAT or any other file system that can be recognized by your game console before you restore backup image there.

  • To replace old game disk with new one, a screwdriver is necessary. You can take a picture before uninstalling in case you forget the location of each cable later.

Free Game Disk Copy Software

For the game console that has snap-in backup tool, mentioned method is quite simple to follow for most game users. Nevertheless, not all game consoles equip with that kind of application. Therefore, third-party game disk copier plays its role.

AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard is free disk cloning software that supports cloning game disk to another drive without data loss. It provides sector-by-sector copy mode and intelligent copy mode, and the later allows you to copy large game disk to smaller with ease. It is Windows-based software and supported by Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista. Free download and have a try.

How to Copy Game Disk to Hard Drive without Data Loss?

Except for aforementioned screwdriver, you need to do some extra preparations.

  • Windows OS based PC. As covered, AOMEI Partition Assistant is Windows based software, so you need to install it on Windows PC.

  • External hard drive enclosure. It is used to connect both game disks to your PC.

You may want to prepare other stuff like a small box to place screws or smartphone to take picture. But those two are necessary objects. Let’s learn the specific steps below.

Copy Game Disk to Hard Drive Step by Step

Important: Please backup all important data on the game disk before you start. Normal disk copying won’t cause data loss on the original disk yet inappropriate operations are likely do. So if you are not familiar with practical operations, take these actions with cautions.

1. Uninstall the old game disk via screwdriver and then connect it to your PC. Connect the new disk to your PC as well. Make sure they are detected by Windows.

2. Install and run AOMEI Partition Assistant on your PC. Click Disk Copy Wizard in the left pane.

Disk Copy Wizard

3. Select Disk Copy Method accordingly.

Disk Copy Method

4. Select the original game disk as the source disk.

Select the Source Disk

5. Select the new disk as the destination disk. If you’re copying game disk to SSD, check the option “Optimize the performance of SSD” beneath.

Select Target Disk

6. You’re allowed to edit partitions on the target disk now. If you copy large game disk to smaller, the “Copying without resizing partitions” option will be grayed out.

Edit Disk

7. You are almost done. View the virtual result, and click Apply and then Proceed to make it real.

Apply copying

8. Install the cloned new disk to your game console and play.


  • If you choose “Sector-by-Sector Copy” method, step 6 will be skipped.

  • With capacity permitted, you can copy game disk to USB drive or SD card through the same steps.


Two different ways to copy game disk to new hard drive, and you can choose one of them according to your own situation. As a matter of fact, AOMEI Partition Assistant is also all-around partition manager. For instance, you can copy UEFI boot disk to upgrading hard drive and move unallocated space to C drive without formatting. Download to experience more.