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Striped volume is one of the dynamic volumes on dynamic disk which can provide improved disk I/O (input/output) performance by distributing I/O requests across disks but do not offer fault tolerance. It is composed of stripes of data of equal size written across each disk in the volume. They are created from equally sized, unallocated areas on two or more disks. Different Windows Operating System, different size of striped volume and can not be resized just through the Windows Disk Management. The E: is a striped volume.

Striped Volume

If dynamic disks contain a failed striped volume, all data on it become inaccessible. You have to use Data Recovery Software to recover your important data, meanwhile, convert dynamic disk to basic disk and create new partition to restore.

However, need to emphasize here, use the Windows built-in Disk Management to revert to basic disk, which can not realize perfect, not only the boring procedure, but also the weakness of guarantee data security. Then, it is necessary to choose a perfect method, see How to Convert Dynamic Disk to Basic within 3~10 Seconds.

The solution has been outlined about the failed striped volume. According ro the users' request, try to clone dynamic volume to basic disk under the situation that striped volumes work normally. So, the most efficient cloning way will be introduced below.

1. Ensure that there should be at least one unallocated space on basic disk you will copy to. And in order to improve the speed of processing, prepare the size of unallocated space larger than the striped volume you want to clone.

2. Run AOMEI Dynamic Disk Converter (it supports both Windows 7/8/Vista/XP and Server 2003/2008/2011/2012).

AOMEI Dynamic Disk Converter

3. Here, choose the Method 2 because the program can clone the dynamic volumes sector by sector to save the converting and cloning time.

Clone Striped Volume

4. Choose the striped volume.

Select the striped volume that you want to clone

5. Choose the bigger unallocated space to clone as we just mentioned above.

Select Destination Disk Space

6. "Next", it will remain you the conversion mode is sector by sector.

Confirm the Clone Operation

7. Everything is ok! Click "Proceed" and the operation will start. Operation will be accomplished after several minutes, it depends on the size of data in striped volume you want to clone.

This is the fastest method to clone striped volume and guarantee the security of data so far. AOMEI Dynamic Disk Convertersolves a lot of trouble for indirect converting dynamic disk to basic.

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Tips: After cloning striped volume to basic disk partition, you can manage your basic disk partition with AOMEI Partition Assistant:

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