How to Remove Page File?

Before using the Partition Assistant, you’d better to remove the paging file in order to make the operation successfully.


By Dervish / Updated on May 12, 2023

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Step 1. Right-click "This PC" and select "Properties" ->"Advanced system settings".

Remove Page File 1

In the pop-up window, click "Settings..." under "Performance".

Remove Page File 2

Step 2. In next window, choose "Advanced" and then click "Change..."

Remove Page File 3

Step 3. Then it will pop up the setting window of the paging file, select D drive first, then select "No paging file" and click "Set".

Remove Page File 4

After click "OK" the system will ask for rebooting. Then you could use the Partition Assistant to resize the partition. After resizing the partition you could reset the "Paging file". 

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