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If you are interested in handling hard disk management by yourself but don


By Bryce / Updated on May 12, 2023

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With the rapid development of information technology, the number of computer user has increased greatly in recent years. Therefore, hard disk management software is playing a more and more important role in this field for both home users and business users. As a matter of fact, hard disk management may be one of the most important jobs carried out by IT administrators. It is really demanding, because if you don't handle it properly, you will run the risk of losing your valuable data. So if you are a green hand in hard disk management, you had better ask a partition guru for assistance.

If you are interested in handling hard disk management by yourself but don't want to risk your sensitive data being release, you can use some professional hard disk management software. If you are an IT administrator, you definitely need some special hard disk management utilities to do this job that beyond the Windows partition management can do. Among so many disk utilities like partition manager, which one is the best? The most reliable one is which has the most advanced ability that you can easily extend partition without losing data. It can move/resize system partition, create/delete/format partition, etc. Although we are able to perform hard disk management by using the "computer management" built-in the Operating System, some advanced operations cannot be realized, like resize system partition, etc.

You may have a question flashed in your mind. Why do I need to resize my partition? The answer is obvious--only if your disk partition is well-allocated can you make the best use of it and it will always obey your commands when you use it. You are still trying harder to delete some files for a new program installation because your system partition shows a red bar (low disk space). Your computer runs very slow day by day, but not because of virus attack. All the above issues can be resolved by simply click the buttons on the well-performed hard disk management software.

There are several popular hard disk management software such like partition manager can do these jobs. I have used many software for some years. But the problem is that free version can't solve the real problem and users usually need to purchase a professional or server version. Later I found Partition Assistant, which includes both Extend Partition Wizard and a Partition Manager, and has the same functions as my software but cost less or free. Partition Assistant Standard Edition is totally free for all personal computer users, which like the commercial Partition Magic software. It is really a pleasure to share this budget-friendly software with your friends and you will surely cost less or free to realize your expectations for partition management. The following is a screen shot:

Partition Assistant

Another advantage of this disk management software is that it is only 3MB in size and don't take up your computer resources at all when you run the program. You can easily keep this partition software in a certain corner of your disk for a future possible operation. If you want to know how this hard disk management utility works step by step, you can refer to the following link for more details.

Download Partition Assistant Standard Edition (FREEWARE)

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