By AOMEI / Last Updated July 26, 2019

GPT is short for GUID Partition Table; it is a standard for the layout of the partition table on a physical hard disk. Compare with the Master Boot Record (MBR) disk, GPT disk stands out in the following aspects:

  • Allows up to 128 primary partitions. MBR disk can only support four primary partitions and an additional 124 partitions created in extended partitions

  • Allows the partition size greater than 2 terabytes (TB), which is the limit for MBR disk

  • Provides greater reliability because of replication and cyclical redundancy check (CRC) protection of the partition table

If using built-in Windows Disk Management to resize GPT disk partition we will get some limitations. So, the latest AOMEI Partition Assistant provides enhanced GPT disk management like resizing GPT disk partition, extending/shrinking partition on GPT disk.

Step1. Download AOMEI Partition Assistant Demo
Step2. Install AOMEI Partition Assistant Demo to follow

  1. Launch AOMEI Partition Assistant to get the general GPT disk partition map:

  2. GPT Disk

  • Right click partition and choose “Resize Partition” option in the drop-down menu:

  • Resize Partition

  • In the new pop out window, drag the boundary (Both sides) rightwards or leftwards. (P.S. For the better data protection or saving time, we do not recommend you to drag the system partition left boundary rightwards)

  • Shrink Partition

  • Back to the main window, execute the changes by clicking “Apply” on the tool bar; following screenshot shows the status after committing.

  • Click Apply

All done, with AOMEI Partition Assistant, resize GPT disk partition is not impossible but very easy and efficient. You also could resize partition, fix low disk space,partition hard drive, merge partitions,split partition, create partition and so on, it provides the straight operating wizards to accomplish all the tasks.