By Cherry / Last Updated September 13, 2017


“I just upgraded to an Intel SSD 320 series to serve as my OS drive, and want to now use my old SSD as a regular drive. I’ve read that it's a smart idea to secure erase the disk instead of disk cleanup, and I was making use of the Intel SSD Toolbox to secure erase Intel SSD. However, it failed with an error: This tool cannot be run on a bootable SSD. So here is my question: does it matter whether I use Intel’s Secure Erase, or will any secure erase SSD program do the trick to preserve SSD functionality?”

How to secure erase on Intel SSD?

By now, many users have heard about the performance degradation found in Intel SSDs due to the write/rewrite commands. Although they remain incredibly fast, there are some instances where you may wish to secure reset Intel SSD.

Intel SSD Toolbox is drive management software that allows you to secure erase an Intel SSD. But you need to know:

  • You need secondary access for target drive for Secure Erase, which means you cannot secure erase a boot drive.

  • Remove all drive partitions. The Secure Erase SSD Intel will erase all partitions and destroy all data on the drive, thus, you need to backup first if there is any data you want to keep on.

  • You cannot secure erase a current working drive.

  • Securely destroy and properly dispose of replaced SSDs.

  • Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10 do not allow secure erase.

Thus, you can secure erase Intel SSD with Intel SSD Toolbox on a Windows 7 computer. Using Intel SSD Toolbox to secure erase Intel SSD should be an easy thing.

Connect the Intel SSD to a Windows 7 computer. Open Intel SSD Toolbox. When it detects the Intel SSD, it displays on the Intel SSD Toolbox home screen. Click the Intel SSD, and then, click Secure Erase. And wait till the progress finished.

However, you may fail to secure erase Intel SSD with the Intel SSD Toolbox. For example, the Intel SSD cannot be detected, the Intel SSD is an OS drive, etc. Besides, it can only be used for Intel SSD, if you are using Samsung SSD, Kingston SSD, SanDisk SSD, or Hitachi SSD, it is no use.

Secure erase Intel SSD without hurting its lifespan

Besides Intel SSD Toolbox, you can make use of another third party software that can secure erase Intel SSD with a simpler way. The AOMEI Partition Assistant should be the greatest software that cannot only secure erase Intel SSD, but also make Intel SSD secure erase bootable possible. It also supports other SSD brands such as Samsung SSD, Kingston SSD, Crucial SSD, etc. Here you can learn how to secure erase Intel SSD with AOMEI Partition Assistant.


You need to prepare a computer installed in Windows 7 operating system. Secure Erase SSD Wizard functionality through AOMEI Partition Assistant is blocked by Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10 operating systems.

Step1. Connect your SSD to the Windows 7 computer. Free download AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard, install and launch it. You will see the basic situation of your hard drives. To secure erase SSD Intel, here you need to click Secure Erase SSD Wizard in the left pane.

Secure Erase

Step2. It will give you a note like the following screenshot. Read it and click Next if there is no problem.


Step3. Then, you need to choose the target SSD drive that you need to secure erase. Click Next.

Select SSD

Step4. Next, you will view the basic situation of your SSD.

Frozen State

Here you can see that the select SSD is in a frozen state, and you will receive a note that “Unable to perform secure erase because your SSD is still in a frozen state. Please refer to the tutorial on how to relieve the frozen state for an SSD and retry”. Thus, you need to relieve the SSD from frozen state immediately as the following steps:

1. Remove the SATA power cable from the drive and quickly reconnect it.

2. Unplug and plug in the SSD.

With doing a hot swap, it should be relieved from the frozen state. Get back to retry from the beginning.

Step5. At last, wait till the operation returns a result.



Secure erase SSD is totally different from wiping hard drive. The read and write ways between traditional hard drive (HDD) and SSD are totally different. Thus, if you erase SSD with the same way of wiping hard drive, it may degrade the SSD’s lifespan. AOMEI Partition Assistant Secure Erase SSD Wizard provides you a way to secure erase Intel SSD, meanwhile, it can restore Intel SSD to factory settings without any effect on its lifespan. Besides, you can use it to secure erase Samsung SSD, Kingston SSD, Crucial SSD, and other SSDs. Plus, you can upgrade to AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional to unlock more features.