How to Use Windows 11 PC Health Checker [Full Guide]

Windows 11 PC health checker can help you check whether Windows 11 can work on your PC and identify any potential system problems. In this post, you will also get a free alternative disk manager to help you check Windows 11 compatibility and solve incompatible configuration at ease.


By Hedy / Updated on May 12, 2023

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An overview of Windows 11 PC health checker

When releasing Windows 11, Microsoft said that Windows 11 is totally free to download and upgrade from qualified Windows 10. To help users better identify if Windows 11 can work on their computers, Microsoft offers the free Windows 11 PC Health Checker.

◎ What is Windows health PC check?

This app is usually used to check whether your PC meets the system requirements for Windows 11, if not, it will show you what requirements were not met. In addition, you could use it to test your computer health, helping you take action to improve the performance and take good use of your PC. For example, it covers storage capacity, backup systems, Windows updates, and more.

◎ Where do I get the PC health check app?

It's said before that the PC health check app is totally free. The steps to get it are very easy.

☞ Go to the official Microsoft website.

☞ Scroll down to find the Check for compatibility part.

☞ Click PC Health Check App link to instantly download on your computer, or click See Minimum System Requirements link at first.


☞ After the download finishes, follow the prompts to install it.

How to use Windows 11 PC health checker?

After you download the PC health check app Windows 11, you can open it to begin to check Windows 11 compatibility or test the health and performance of your Windows computer. The latter content will show them in two parts respectively.

▶ Part 1. How do I know if I can run Windows 11 with PC health checker?

When you open it, you will get into its main interface. Checking the compatibility of the Windows 11 system is the main function of this app. So this part will tell you how to use PC health check for windows 11.

Step 1. Click "Check now" on the main console, then it will automatically begin checking.


Step 2. When the check finishes, you will get two different results. One is "This PC can run Windows 11". It refers that your computer is eligible for upgrading to Windows 11.


The other result is "This PC can't run Windows 11" or "This PC doesn't currently meet Windows 11 system requirements". And you can click "see all results" to see which aspects are not available and click the links to get more information.


▶ Part 2. How do I check my system health in Windows 11?

Apart from getting a comprehensive check for Windows 11 requirements, Windows 11 PC health checker can also test your computer health. You can check the details below.

❉ Backup & sync

You can sign in with your Microsoft account or create a new one to sync your important data like passwords, personal favorites, etc. You can also back up your photos and files to OneDrive.

❉ Windows Update

PC health check Windows 11 will let you know if your computer is up to update or needs attention so that your device can keep running smoothly and securely.

❉ Storage capacity

In this section, you could see how much storage space has been used and how much free space is left. Having a good command of your storage capacity enables you to know when is better to free up space on your disk.

❉ Startup time

The Startup time feature of the PC Health Check app makes you know what affects the startup time of your PC. It usually depends on how many apps you have installed, the speed of the processor, etc.

Besides, there are other links you can click to know more information about your device or more ways to improve your PC performance. 

A free alternative to Windows 11 PC health checker

For PC health check app Windows 11, you can use it to meet your basic needs for checking Windows 11 requirements or health. But for more requests like updating incompatible configurations or other disk problems, it has no way.

Therefore, AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard is a good and free alternative to Windows 11 PC health checker. It's designed for Windows 11/10/8/7/XP and Vista systems. It can not only check whether your computer is compatible with Windows 11 system, but also provides a detailed guide on how to fix it. More importantly, you can use it to solve some disk issues you may have met, like no EFI partition was found, SD card is write-protected but not locked, or Samsung Data Migration interrupted for unknown reason.

▶ Part 1. How to check Windows 11 compatibility?

AOMEI Partition Assistant has provided easier way to check and update to Windows 11 system requirements, here are the steps.

Step 1. Install and launch AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard. Click "Tools" and "Windows 11 Update Checker" on the top of the main console.


Step 2. Click "Start Check" to begin checking.


Step 3. After a while, you can get the results. If you receive the red warning: This PC Can't Currently Upgrade to Windows 11, you can click the blue button to get more information.


Step 4. You can click "Fix it" to see the detailed tutorial about how to update the incompatibility configuration. And some of them can be realized in AOMEI software, which could save a lot of time and effort.


▶ Part 2. How to meet Windows 11 requirements with AOMEI Partition Assistant?

Since AOMEI Windows 11 Update Checker will give you detailed fixes once your computer doesn't support upgrading to Windows 11, like enabling TPM 2.0 or Secure Boot, this part will mainly talk about how to enlarge storage space and convert disk partition type into GPT with AOMEI Partition Assistant.

✎ Extend C drive

If your disk storage doesn't meet the 64GB or larger requirements, Windows system won't allow you to upgrade to Windows 11 directly. Thus, you need to extend your system drive in the first space. When you plan to extend C drive via Disk Management or DiskPart, please make sure there is adjacent unallocated space on the right of your C drive.

Apparently, not all users can ensure there must be unallocated space on their disks. Thus, to enlarge C drive easily and safely, AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional should be your top priority. This versatile disk manager will provide you with different methods to meet your different situations. For instance, the "Merge Partition" function can merge non-adjacent unallocated space to the C drive, and the "Allocate Free Space" feature enables you to directly move free space from one partition to C drive without data loss.

Download Pro DemoWin 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 1. Install and open the AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional, and right-click the partition that has enough space, and choose "Allocate Free Space".


Step 2. Here you can set the allocated size as you wish to C drive, and click "OK".


Step 3. Click the "Apply" in the main interface to start allocating free space to C drive.


✎ Convert MBR to GPT

Because UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) is the essential condition for Windows 11 upgrade, you must make sure your motherboard can support it. Since the UEFI is for GPT partition scheme while MBR is for BIOS, it means you need to convert your system disk to GPT if you are running on an MBR system disk.

Although Diskpart and Disk Management both allow you to convert the disk from MBR to GPT, you must delete all the partitions on it to make sure your system disk is totally empty. This is because these two Windows built-in tools only convert empty disks. Sounds terrible? Don't worry, AOMEI Partition Assistant is also an MBR2GPT tool for Windows users. Only in a few clicks, it can convert the system disk or data disk between MBR and GPT partition style without deleting any partition or reinstalling OS.

Step 1. Launch AOMEI Partition Assistant. Right-click the system disk and choose "Convert to GPT".


Step 2. Click "OK" to confirm your operation.


Step 3. Click on "Apply" to commit the pending operation.


After converting MBR to GPT successfully, don't forget to change BIOS to UEFI to ensure the Windows 11 can run normally and smoothly.



That's all about Windows 11 PC health checker and how to use it. If you really want to upgrade to the newest Windows 11, I highly recommend you to try AOMEI Partition Assistant. It's such a powerful disk manager that it can not only check your Windows 11 compatibility but also helps you update the incompatible configuration. Besides, if you want to protect your data or improve performance, you could clone your disk to another HDD/SSD or migrate OS to SSD. If you are a Windows Server user, the Server edition is waiting for you.

Hedy · Staff Editor
Hedy is an editor of AOMEI Technology. She is very good at solving problems of partition management, and she wants to share all the problems she had already solved to users who met the same questions.