By AOMEI / Last Updated December 23, 2014

Windows 8, as the latest edition of Windows, does have lots of advantages, such as the touch-screen interface, which is very popular with the customers. However, along with the increase of application program amount, the system partition is very likely to run out of space. Next, I will introduce you the methods of enlarging volume with Win8 Disk Management and AOMEI Partition Assistant.

Windows 8 Disk Management, in some cases, does have the function of extend volume just like that of Win7. Here come the steps.

First, right click "My Computer", select "Manage", and then select "Disk Management".

Second, right click the partition you want to extend, select "Extend Volume", and input the size you want to extend.

However, sometimes, you may find out the "Extend Volume" option just grayed out. Why? Because, the snap-in Disk Management just works on the condition that there is an unallocated space right behind the partition you want to extend. Therefore, you can only extend the system partition by deleting the adjacent drive. In this case, you should back up the data which may cost you a lot of time.

As a powerful disk utility, AOMEI Partition Assistant is a good choice to deal with partition questions. Then, let me show you the detailed method to extend volume. There are two cases in this problem, whether there is an unallocated space or not.

Case 1: If there is an allocated space which is not right behind the partition you want to extend, you can solve the problem with the function of "Move Partition" and "Resize partition", or the function of "Merge Partitions". First, move the unallocated space right behind the partition you want extend, and then extend the partition.

Case 2: if there is no allocated space on the disk, I recommend you the function of "Allocate Free Space", which is very easy to operate. (See from the picture above)

What is worth mentioning here, either Case 1 or Case 2, you can employ the "Extend Partition Wizard" to complete the task easily. What's more, AOMEI Partition Assistant is a multifunctional partition tool, which possesses so many other basic and advanced features. It will be your excellent assistant, so download and try it out.