By AOMEI / Last Updated May 15, 2020

About Active Partition Manager

Active Partition Manager is a free disk partitioning tool for Windows that helps you to manage storage devices and the logical drives or partitions that they contain. It supports common partitioning functions that allow you to format drive, create, resize, and delete partitions and so on, it also includes other useful drive management features as to create a mirror image backup of any hard drive. However, you do need an Active Partition Manager alternative sometimes.

Why need to download an alternative?

Though, Active Partition Manager can basically meet your requirements, you will need to download an alternative under some circumstances. First, the biggest issue you will have with Active Partition Manager is that you can’t downsize locked volumes. This is to say, the drive that has Windows installed to it, which is always locked while Windows is running, can’t be made any smaller. Second, the software will crash every time when you try to extend a locked partition with it. Interestingly, the system partition will get larger as you intend, but an unexpected reboot during the process will make you pretty uncomfortable.

Except the two situations mentioned above, you may need an alternative when you want to copy partitions which is not supported by Active Partition Manager, or when you don’t like the way that Active Partition Manager handles operations.

What kind of alternative is the best?

Considering those inconveniences with Active Partition Manager, you need have an alternative to help you. Here, we recommend you free AOMEI Partition Assistant which support all the partition management features you’d expect from a program like this, most importantly, you are able to resize the locked partition with it. Next, we will show to how to use the Active Partition Manager alternative to downsize the locked partition (usually C drive) within few steps, and you can extend the locked partition in a similar way.

Step1: Download alternative, install and launch. Right click C drive, and choose “Resize Partition”.

Resize Partition

Step2: In pop-out window, drag right handle leftwards to shrink partition. (You can drag left handle rightwards to extend partition, but make sure there is unallocated space.)

Drag Handle

Step3: Click "OK". You can preview the result, and click "Apply" to commit the operation.


Note: The partition shrinking operation will be performed under PreOS Mode and your computer will reboot when you shrink the system partition.

AOMEI Partition Assistant is the best Active Partition Manager alternative. Except allowing to resize the locked partition, you can use it to copy partitionwhich Active Partition Manager doesn’t support to do, etc.