Top 2 Tools for Advanced Disk Defrag

If you’re searching any software utility for advanced disk defrag, then, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, 2 different ways for advanced defrag Windows 10 will be shared.


By Michael / Updated on May 12, 2023

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Any advanced disk defragmenter?

“I heard one can boost up his PC’s performance by defragging its disks. As I’m a novice in computing, I’m here to ask for an easy and efficient way for disk defragment. Is there any advanced defrag utility that helps me rearrange my files? Appreciate any advice”.

The top 2 programs for advanced defrag free

What is advanced defrag Windows 10? Disk Defragmentation occurs when files or pieces of files get scattered throughout your disks. In this case, the write and read speed of the disks are reduced and thus, your computer could become slower. To fix it, we need defragmentation. In defragmentation, one can pack all pieces of the broken files up, making them adjacent to each other by reorganization. In this way, the PC’s performance will be enhanced, and also, issues like crashes, system hangs and hard drive failure also disappear.

However, how to defragment a hard disk? Is there any free tool for advanced disk defrag? For all practical purposes, there’re many. If you have no idea which one to choose yet, here, in the following paragraphs, I listed the top 2 programs for advanced defrag free and hopefully, you can use any of them to get it done successfully.

Note: In the cases below, a disk defragmentation is required.

1. Quite a lot of files have been added.

2. Only around 15% of available disk space left.

3. A new program or a new version of Windows is installed.

4. Fragmentation is over 15%.

1. Windows 10 defragmenter

Windows 10 provides many feasible tools for disk management for example, Disk Management and DiskPart. Of course, when it comes to hard drive defragmentation, there’s another Windows 10 built-in defragmenter that you can use for free. Check the following steps to learn how it works.


1. In the search box on the lower left of the desktop, type “defrag”. Hit the result “Defragment and Optimize Drives” to run the inbuilt defragmenter.

2. Select the volume you want to defrag and click on “Analyze”.

3. When the analysis is completed, if you notice it’s over 15% fragmented, then, proceed for defragmentation.

4. Click on “Optimize” to start the defragmentation.

2. AOMEI Partition Assistant

If you think the Windows built-in defragger mentioned above is not convenient or intuitive enough, this time, I’ll recommend another even more powerful third-party freeware AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard for you to launch an advanced defrag for your hard disks. What sets this freeware apart from its counterparts is the ability to score a disk before and after defragmentation. Meanwhile, the defragmentation is totally free and you don’t need to worry about any bundleware at all.

What is the best way for advanced disk defrag? Download this impressive and secure tool to have a free try!

Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 1. Install and run AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard. Right-click on the target disk and select “Disk Defrag”.


Step 2. Tick the disk you want to defrag and hit the “Analyze” button.


Step 3. After the process is over, the disk will be scored based on the fragmented rate.


Step 4. Hit the “Defrag” button to start the defragmentation.

Wait several minutes before it’s done. After the defragmentation, your disk will be scored again.

Optional: Am I supposed to defrag an SSD?

To answer this question, you should learn about the working principle of both SSD and HDD. Defragmentation is to reorganize data of a file so that they can be set contiguous to each other in order that they can be read at one. The seek time of an HDD is relatively long and so, evert time an HDD is fragmented, it takes more time to read the file. So, it’s necessary to defragment an HDD.

As for SSD, it’s able to read data scattered in different clusters as fast as read data next to each other. So, there’s no need for defragmentation on SSD. Moreover, if you defrag an SSD, unnecessary wear and tear will be caused which leads to shorter lifespan.

So, how to enhance the performance for an SSD? Luckily, there’s still another workaround that is called SSD 4K alignment. By upgrading AOMEI Partition Assistant to the Pro edition, you can enjoy this feature to get the most out of your SSD.

Note: The professional edition also supports you to schedule defrag your hard drives daily, weekly, or montly. 



What is the best program for advanced disk defrag? In this post, you’ve learnt not only what advanced defragmentation is, but also, learnt about the top 2 tools for advanced defrag – Windows built-in defragmenter and AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard. As for me, I prefer the second one for it’s totally free and indeed, it helped me out! I also tried the Pro edition of this software on another PC with an SSD installed for 4K alignment. I want to say, it worked great! If you want to use this software on Servers instead of PCs, please try the Server edition.

Michael · Staff Editor
Michael is a professinal editor of AOMEI editor team.