Expand Android Internal Storage to SD Card Safely with Simple Steps

Suffering from Android phone storage full problem? AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional will partition Micro SD card to increase Android internal storage to SD card safely without deleting apps.


By Lucas / Updated on May 12, 2023

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Internal Storage on Android

For Android smartphone, internal memory storage is a technical term to talk about RAM (Random Access Memory), which is the storage space on your device that can be used for installing applications and their associated data. Larger the internal memory storage, faster your Android phone will be. On the other aspect, external storage is also well known words, which refers to the storage space that the user can access for music, pictures, downloads, etc. The external storage is not necessarily a physically standalone device. The space you can access the files on your Android phone also named external storage.

Memory Full

In general, you probably suffer from the Android internal storage full problem or low phone memory error sometimes. Thus, you may intend to expand internal storage to SD card for Android phone. Why do you do that?

Why Do Android Expand Internal Storage to SD Card?

There are some reasons for expand internal storage to fix insufficient storage memory warning:

  • Removing unnecessary apps and games cannot fix the android internal storage full problem fundamentally.

  • Increase internal storage on Android phone using SD card will allow you install more applications and games on that device.

  • Combining SD card and Android internal storage makes the smartphone run smoothly.

  • A vast majority of Android devices have a SD card slot, expanding internal storage to SD card is more practical.

  • The SD card capacity is just right, not too small and not too large.

How to increase internal storage of Android phone to SD card with these adequate causes?

Android Expand Internal Storage to SD Card Safely

To increase internal storage for your Android phone, you must partition SD card into two parts (a FAT32 partition for phone storage, an EXT3 partition for internal memory), then insert your SD card to your Android phone, and move apps to your SD card to increase space for internal storage. Preparations:

  1. Make sure your Android phone has been rooted.

  2. Ensure your Android phone has a SD card slot.

  3. A new Micro SD card.

  4. Disk partitioning software, like AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional, allows you to partition SD card perfectly in Windows 7/8/10.

Partition SD Card

1. Please download the latest version of AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional, open the main interface after installation. At that moment, your Micro SD card should be inserted to computer.

2. Right click the Micro SD card, select Create Partition.

Create FAT32 Partition

3. Select FAT32 as file system for the first partition on Micro SD card, slide the mouse pointer to resize partition.


4. Click Apply.

Apply FAT32

5. Pitch on the unallocated space, select Create Partitionon its drop down menu.

Create EXT3 Partition

6. Choose EXT3 file system for the second partition on Micro SD card.


7. Click Apply to create EXT3 partition for internal storage.

Apply EXT3

After that, you could insert the partitioned Micro SD card to your Android handset, move apps to SD card, then you will find your Android expand internal storage to SD card has been success. Besides, this software has the ability to format SD card, free up space on Android phones, restore SD card to full capacity, etc. Well, you can enjoy the basic functions provided by AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard.

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