By AOMEI / Last Updated February 25, 2020

When it comes to AOMEI Partition Assistant vs GParted, you can hardly decide which one to choose for partitioning your hard drive, the following content shall be of help.

GParted Overview

GParted is abbreviation of GNOME Partition Editor that is for creating, reorganizing, and deleting disk partitions. Although GParted is an open source software based on Linux operating system, you can still use it on Mac and Windows PC with the GParted Live CD, which allows you to boot almost any computer in order to use GParted. Additionally, it does not have a limit regarding sector size or hard drive capacity. However, GParted does not work well with NTFS partition. When you make some changes to NTFS system partition, you will need the Windows installation disc to repair it, otherwise, Windows will fail to load. If you do not want to mess up with system partition, you can use a GParted Windows alternative.

Gparted Main Window

AOMEI Partition Assistant Overview

If you need to better tool to handle NTFS partition, then AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard, the free version, comes into play. This partition software allows you toresize NTFS partition or Fat32 partition without affecting your system or data. It gives you more abilities regarding disk and partition management, such as disk conversion between MBR and GPT, OS migration to SSD, and Windows 10/8 To Go Creator. However, when you compare GParted with AOMEI, it is clear that AOMEI Partition Assistant only works with Windows OS, though it supports ext2/3/4 filesystem. Now you may learn the big difference between these two partition programs, yet there are still some features various in them.

Partition Assistant

Free Partition Software Comparison

All the different features between these two pieces of free partition software are listed in the following table:

FeaturesGPartedAOMEI Partition Assistant Standard
Resize, move, copy, create, format, delete, recover, align partitions, etc.
Create Live CD/USB
Merge partitions, merge unallocated space
Convert partition between primary and logical drive
Convert disk between MBR and GPT partition styles
Convert NTFS to FAT32 without formatting
Migrate OS to SSD/HDD without reinstalling
Windows 10/8 To Go Creator
Command line partitioning
Support Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP (32/64-bit)
Support Linux, Mac OS X
Support ntfs, fat32, ext2, ext3, ext4
Support btrfs, hfs, hfs+, linux-swap, lvm2 pv, reiserfs, ufs, xfs

As a conclusion to AOMEI Partition Assistant vs GParted, if you want to be able to partition in other different operating besides Windows and you understand how to fix computer when it fails to boot, you should use GParted. If you only need to manage Windows partitions, you should use AOMEI Partition Asssistant Standardfor its simplicity and functionality.