AVG Disk Defrag Alternative – What Is the Best Disk Defragmenter?

In this post, you’ll not only learn what AVG disk defrag is and how to use it, but also, the best faster alternative to this software will be introduced for you to schedule your disk defrag easily.


By Michael / Updated on May 12, 2023

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AVG takes way too long to defrag

“Hi, recently I downloaded and installed AVG PC TuneUp Program in the hope that it can fix my PC by defragging it. My PC has become literally sluggish nowadays and I do think it’s good to defrag it with this software. However, the AVG disk defrag takes too long – I waited around 10 minutes and it didn’t complete. How could I make it faster?”

What’s AVG disk defrag?

If you find your PC is running slower than it should, it could be caused by fragmentation. Even the most high-end computers cannot avoid this issue after long-term use. Then, what’s fragmentation?

Normally, the files on your computer should consist of different contiguous segments. After repeatedly saving, resaving, or deleting the files, the segments can get into a mess, scattered across your hard drives, which means it’ll take longer for the system to locate those files and thus, both read and write speed get decreased and then, your computer becomes sluggish.

In this case, disk defrag is the only way to rearrange those files by making their data segments all together and enhance the performance of your PC. AVG PC TuneUp is an all-in-one software utility that helps clean up storage, customize Windows, restore deleted files, and of course, defrag hard disks.

How to check whether your disk is SSD or HDD?

Usually, when it comes to hard drive defrag, it means HDD defrag instead of SSD defrag. Due to the different working principles of the 2 kinds of hard drives, an SSD can read data scattered as fast as reading data contiguous with each other while an HHD cannot. It will cause unnecessary wear and tear which shortened the lifespan if you defrag an SSD. Thus, please check the following guide to see whether your disk is an SSD or HDD

ssd hdd

1. Fire up the built-in Windows defrag tool by opening up the Start menu, type “defrag” and hit the “ENTER” key.

2. Under “Media type”, check whether it’s “Solid state drive” or “Hard disk drive”.

How to defragment a hard disk with AVG?

If your PC is running slow and sluggish, you can turn to AVG PC TuneUp to put chopped-up files back together, and intelligently shuffles files around so they’re all more or less stored together, making it faster for your PC to find and open them. It only takes a few steps to get it done.

1. Install and launch AVG PC TuneUp.

2. Go to the “All functions” tab and select “Defragment or optimize disks”.

avg defrag

3. Then, analyze and optimize your hard disks by clicking on the corresponding buttons.

Better alternative AVG disk defragmenter – schedule defragging more quickly

The AVG defraggler is a basic tool for starters to defrag their sluggish computers. However, many users complain on the AVG forum that sometimes, it takes forever to defrag. Meanwhile, this software doesn’t support schedule defrag if you want to let the defraggler run at a certain time. So, here, I recommend an AVG disk defragmenter alternative – AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional – to help defrag your hard drives faster or schedule defrag them with a decent number of practical options.

What’s the best disk defragmenter? Try the AVG disk defrag alternative to defrag or schedule defrag hard drives daily, weekly, or monthly.

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Step 1. Install and run AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional. Right-click the target disk and choose  “Disk Defrag”.

disk defrag

Step 2. In the popup window, you can directly choose to analyze and defrag your hard drives or schedule defrag them. Here, I recommend the latter one as it makes disk defrag much more efficient. So, now, click on the “Schedule” button.


Step 3. In the “Schedule Settings” window, choose the target drive and preset when to defrag like daily, weekly, or monthly or whether to defrag during startup or logon.


Also, you can decide on what conditions to defrag,


When all is done, hit “OK” to save the changes.


In this post, you’ve not only learnt what AVG disk defrag is and how to use it, but also, you’ve learnt about the best alternative to AVG PC TuneUp – AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional – a powerful third-party disk manager and defraggler. By comparison, the AOMEI product is much faster and contains more useful options than AVG PC TuneUp. It supports both regular disk defrag and schedule defrag for time-saving purposes. Meanwhile, other features including SSD 4k alignment and SSD secure erase are also supported as it’s a disk manager program as well. If you want to defrag your Server computer, please try the Server edition.

Michael · Staff Editor
Michael is a professinal editor of AOMEI editor team.