Block-overwrite Software: Wipe Data from Hard Drive Only

November 10, 2017

Sometimes you need to wipe your hard drive for reusing. Here you can learn about Block-overwrite software and other software for wiping hard disk drive, SSD, USB flash drives.

Why you need to erase hard drive?

“I have bought a new SSD and I’m planing to replace laptop hard drive with SSD for a better performance. As for the old hard drive, I want to sell it. I deleted my important data on the hard drive, but I’m worrying if there is any way can restore my data. So how to delete data from hard drive permanently that can never recover back?”

Erase hard drive is important to users. If you would like to fresh install Windows on the hard drive, erase hard drive can reset it to factory settings that it can be used as a new one. If you would like to give it away to others, erase hard drive will wipe all data on the hard drive that no one can recover the data anymore, which can protect your private data from malicious recovery.

Commonly, if you just delete data, others would recover your data back by some data recovery tool. However, if you use some tools like block-overwrite software to wipe hard drive, it can barely recovery those data later.

Block-overwrite software: wipe hard drive

Block-overwrite software can help you wipe hard disk drive. With the Block-overwrite software, you can easily kill your data dead. Block-overwrite software allows you to wipe data from a hard drive while leaving the operating system, program files, and other keepers intact. Such as O&O SafeErase 7, MediaTools Wipe 1.2, etc. However, this type of software is ineffective on SSDs or USB drives, and most cannot wipe a hard drive’s HPA (Host Protected Area), which contains data about the low-level organization of the drive. Fortunately, the AOMEI Partition Assistant breaks out the limitations of such Block-overwrite software - it helps you wipe hard disk drive permanently and secure erase SSDs and USB flash drives.

The Wipe Hard Drive utility of AOMEI Partition Assistant can help you wipe hard drive in a few simple steps.

Step1. Connect your hard drive that needs to be erased on your Windows computer, make sure it can be detected. Free download AOMEI Partition Assistant. Install and launch it.

Step2. In the main interface, right-click the hard drive that needs to be wiped, select Wipe Hard Drive in the pop up menu.

Wipe Hard Drive

Step3. It will pop up a window that where you can specify the number of times to wipe the hard drive.

Specify Passes

Tips: In this window, you are reminded that this operation will delete all partitions and erase all data on the selected hard drive by over-writing it. Thus, you cannot restore data back anymore.

Step4. Don’t forget to click Apply at the toolbar after back to the main interface. Click Proceed to execute the operation.

Apply Proceed

Wiping SSDs and USB flash drives

Different with other block-overwrite software, AOMEI Partition Assistant also allows you to wipe SSD and USB flash drives. SSD is different with HDD, if you use the way wiping hard drive to wipe SSD, you may destroy the SSD. Well, the Secure Erase SSD of AOMEI Partition Assistant helps you erase SSD securely without hurting it. In other word, the Secure Erase SSD utility helps you reset your SSD to the factory settings and restore it to its peak performance.

Note: AOMEI Partition Assistant Secure Erase SSD only supported by Windows 7 operating system at present. If you are using other OSes, you can plug out the SSD and plug in a Windows 7 computer to erase SSD securely.

Step1. Connect your SSD to your Windows 7 computer. Launch AOMEI Partition Assistant. Right click the SSD you would like to erase, select Secure Erase SSD in the pop out menu.

Secure Erase SSD

Step2. Then, AOMEI Partition Assistant will give you a note that the Secure Erase will reset your performance dropping SSD to factory settings, which will increase the read and write speeds of SSD Drive. However, it will cause data loss on the SSD, please make sure you have backed up your important data before securely erasing SSD. Click Next.


Step3. Then, you can choose the SSD you want to securely erase in the Disk list. Click Next.

Select SSD

Step4. You may meet the problem that the SSD is in a frozen state. To continue with secure erase, here you need to perform hot swap for this SSD to relieve the frozen state. Click the “here” in the following screenshot, view the tutorial on how to perform hot swap for an SSD, and follow the hint to relieve SSD’s frozen state.

Frozen State

Step5. After relieving the frozen state, you can continue to secure erase SSD. Click Next, and wait till the progress finished.

Wait Erasing

Compared with Block-overwrite software, AOMEI Partition Assistant should be the best hard drive eraser. It cannot only wipe hard drive permanently, but also can wipe SSDs and USB flash drives. Besides, AOMEI Partition Assistant allows you to initialize disk, format partition, delete partition, etc. Apart from free edition, it provides more advanced features in AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional like Command Line, Allocate Free Space, etc. It is worth to use.