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I have changed hard drives on a desktop several times because it is easy to simply hook up the new drive, use image software to clone to it and then swap cables. Thus, now, I am interested in swapping out my notebook hard drive. Is there any simple way that I can use to change my laptop hard drive?

As the users said, copy laptop hard drive to an external hard drive using disk cloning software, and then, replace the hard drive with the cloned hard drive is a good way. But how to clone laptop hard drive and boot from the cloned hard drive successfully in Windows 10/8/7?

It is necessary to clone laptop hard drive

For many reasons, users may want to clone laptop hard drive. From those reasons, you may think it is necessary to clone hard drive:

  • Clone laptop hard drive for upgrading. In some situations, clone laptop hard drive would save a lot of things. For example, if your hard drive is too small to store your data, you may need to consider upgrade to a larger hard drive; or if you would like to upgrade laptop HDD to SSD for better performance, clone hard drive to a new hard dive will help you swap out your laptop hard drive without reinstalling operating system and losing data.

  • Clone hard drive for saving data. laptop hard drives face more danger of losing data. Besides system crash, hard drive broken, virus attack, there are many other factors that can lead to data lose like heavy strike, laptop stolen, etc. However, if you have cloned laptop hard drive before, then, when the accident happened, the data would be safe on the cloned hard drive, and you can restore it back easily.

It is necessary to clone laptop hard drive for those or more reasons. But how to clone laptop hard drive easily and safely?

The best laptop hard drive cloning software: AOMEI Partition Assistant

Speaking of clone laptop hard drive easily and safely, you may need a laptop hard drive cloning software. And the AOMEI Partition Assistant should be the best one that you can use to clone laptop HDD to SSD, clone laptop hard drive to external hard drive, or clone laptop to a new hard drive, etc. What’s more, you can use AOMEI Partition Assistant to partition hard drive after clone. The next content is the step-by-step guide for laptop hard drive cloning.

How to clone laptop hard drive with AOMEI Partition Assistant?

AOMEI Partition Assistant provides Windows users a concise interface that you can operate only by mouse clicking. But first, you need to think about where you should store the content of original hard drive. You should have a destination drive that at least has enough size to store the content on the source disk.


  • If you want to clone the disk which contains the system partition, you should install the new drive to your computer first, then, connect the old hard drive to the laptop via USB port. Otherwise, you cannot boot from the new drive after clone.

  • If you are trying to clone laptop hard drive to external hard drive for saving data, you can install AOMEI Partition Assistant to your laptop, connect the external hard drive to laptop via USB cable. But if you want to boot laptop from cloned drive, then, the cloning should be done from a bootable media created by AOMEI Partition Assistant. When cloning from this bootable media, you do not need to have an operating system or an AOMEI product installed on the new drive. When you boot the laptop from the bootable media, it will show you the main interface of AOMEI Partition Assistant. And you can start cloning here directly.

After confirm the demands, you can start cloning with AOMEI Partition Assistant.

Step1. Click Disk Copy Wizard/Disk Copy at the left pane.

Disk Copy Wizard

Step2. It will bring you to the disk copy wizard immediately. Here you can select an appropriate method to copy disk. Here we highly recommend you “Copy Disk Quickly”.

Copy Disk Quickly


  • Copy Disk Quickly will copy only the used space of the disk to another disk. It will copy fast and you can copy disk to a smaller drive as only as it has enough space to store the data on the old hard drive.

  • Sector by Sector Copy would copy all sectors of the disk to a target disk no matter it is used or not. It requires the destination disk should have the same size as the source disk or larger. By the way, you can not edit the partitions' size during cloning.

Step3. Choose the source disk.

Select Source Disk

Step4. Select the destination disk.

Select Destination Disk

Notes: If the destination is an SSD, here you should check the option of “Optimize the performance of SSD”, which will align SSD after clone so that it could be the best status after cloning.

Step5. After that, you can edit partition size on the destination disk.

Edit Disk

Step6. Then, it will give you a note for how to boot operating system from the destination disk. Read it,click Finish and it will back to the main interface.


Step7.Don't forget to click Apply at the toolbar.



The cloning will be execute under PreOS mode.


AOMEI Partition Assistant should be the best laptop hard drive cloning software for Windows 10/8/7. Using AOMEI Partition Assistant to clone laptop hard drive is very easy and safe. It also supports you to clone GPT disk to MBR disk, or clone MBR disk to GPT disk. It is very useful for Windows users. What's more, you can download its free edition AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard to clone hard drive.