By AOMEI / Last Updated May 15, 2020



Why does Disk Management cannot shrink partition enough?

In case above, the problem we encounter with the shrink volume feature of Disk Management is that we cannot shrink partition enough even when there is clearly free space. But why? There may be immovable files contained in the space you want to shrink. And immovable files can be page file, hibernation file, MFT backup or others. To solve the problem, we can delete or move them to another drive in advance, but this is not a good idea and complicated for common users. Therefore, we’d like to recommend that you use a free partition manager.

How to solve the problem?

Solution1: disable system files to force the Shrink volume feature to work

To absolutely solve the problem that you can’t shrink partition enough with Disk Management, you should disable as many of the system files as possible, at least for this moment. Following is a list of operations, you should run at least one of these free defrag utilities or all of them if possible and then we can force Windows to shrink partition.

1. Run the Disk Cleanup Wizard. This is to assure the hibernation file and all restore points are removed.

2. Disable System Restore (this will keep you from rolling back changes, which is a bad idea). Usually, Computer \ Properties\ System protection are first three steps, then things will be different on different OS, for example, Configure\Turn off system protection on Windows7.

3. Disable the pagefile. Open up System in Control Panel, then Advanced System Settings \ Advanced \ Performance \ Advanced \ Change \ No Paging File. Disable the kernel memory dump. In the Advanced Settings, go to Startup and Recovery\ Settings and then change the Write debugging information drop-down to “None”.

4. Disable Hibernation mode in your power options \ advanced power options screen. In Windows 8/8.1/10, the Hibernation mode is disabled as default.

5. Reboot the machine, and then delete your c:\pagefile.sys file.

However, if the immovable file is MFT, you may still encounter the “cannot shrink partition enough” problem even after running those utilities.

Solution2: use free AOMEI Partition Assistant to shrink partition directly

AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard is professional partition software, supporting Windows 7\8\8.1\10\XP\Vista and being able to shrink a partition with all its free space.

1. Download, install and launch it. Right click the partition you want to shrink, and choose Resize Partition in drop-down menu.

Resize Partition

2. In pop-up window, drag the slider towards the left to shrink the partition.

Drag to Shrink

Tip: checking the option I need to move this partition and it allows you to shrink a partition from both sides.

3. Click Apply to commit this operation.


As you see, AOMEI Partition Assistant can easily shrink a partition which is a problem of Disk Management that cannot shrink partition enough. In addition, it can ignore many other problems of DM, such as, merge non adjacent partitions, merge two primary partitions and so on.