Does Secure Erase Delete Everything And How to Perform It?

This post will explain to you does secure erase delete everything and also show you how to secure erase SSD easily.


By Dervish / Updated on May 12, 2023

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What is secure erase?

Secure Erase is a function for SSD (solid-state drives), the principle is to overwrite the data on the SSD with random new data (usually binary 0 and 1). After overwriting is over, the erased data cannot be recovered by data recovery programs. In addition, Secure Erase also helps restore SSD performance to its original ideal level.

Tip: Because the way SSD writes data is different from HDD, you can’t perform secure erase on HDD. More differences between SSD and HDD are introduced in SSD vs HDD.

[Answer] Does secure erase delete everything?

Does erase all content and settings really delete everything? Yes, it does. Secure erase can effectively erase all traces of existing data in the target disk, including programs, pictures, videos, files, personal settings, etc. It can be restored to the factory state. And the source data on that storage device will become inaccessible and impossible to reconstruct.

How to secure erase SSD with the best disk erasing software

There is a powerful SSD secure erase utility named AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional that can help you remove all data from the SSD permanently.

To secure erase SSD, it has the following advantages:
● Simple user interface, suitable for beginners.
● Compatible with various brands of SSD.
● Guarantee that personal data or privacy will not be leaked.

In addition, it can also wipe HDD, USB drive, SD card through Fill sectors with Zero, Fill sectors with random data, DoD 5220.22-M and Gutmann.

Download Demo Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Note: Download and install it on a Windows 7 PC, Secure Erase currently only works on Windows 7. Then, connect the SSD to that PC and make sure it is detected.

Step 1. On the main interface, click "Wipe" menu and select "SSD Secure Erase".

SSD Secure Erase

Step 2. Select the SSD you want to erase from this page.

Choose SSD

Step 3. Usually, SSD would encounter a frozen state which can be unfrozen by a hot swap.

SSD Identification information

How to perform hot swap:
First, open the PC case and find the SSD to be erased.
Second, unplug the power cable, then disconnect the SATA cable from the SSD.
Finally, wait for a second, connect the SATA cable to the port again. And then plug the power cable back in to complete the hot swap.

Step 4. Click“Next” to secure erase SSD.

Wait Erasing

Does secure erase remove operating system?

It depends on whether you are erasing the system disk or not. Generally speaking, you cannot wipe the system disk while Windows is running. If the SSD you want to erase includes Windows OS, you need to create a bootable USB, and then erase the OS under Win PE.

Step 1. Connect a USB larger than 8GB to the computer and make sure it can be detected.

Step 2. Click "Make Bootable Media" under "Tools" menu.

Make Bootable Media

Step 3. Next, choose "USB Boot Device" and click "Proceed".

Choose USB Drive

Step 4. Wait a second, the bootable USB will be created.

Step 5. Restart the PC and enter BIOS to change boot drive, make sure the PC will boot from the USB device.

Change Order

Step 6. When PC boot from the bootable USB, it will enter the main interface of AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional. Here, select "SSD Secure Erase" to perform the operation.


This page not only answers does secure erase delete everything, but also provides you with detailed steps on how to secure erase SSD. If you're selling or throwing away SSD, please erase it to prevent personal data from being leaked.

As you can see, AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional has other advanced functions, such as SSD 4K alignment, migrate Windows to SSD, move installed programs to SSD without losing data, and more.

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