By AOMEI / Last Updated February 25, 2020

Partitioning hard drive is necessary to improve the performance of computer. It is not the daily work in disk management, while it is urgent task when Windows system warming “C drive is full”, “Low disk space to complete this operation”, etc. As we all know that most new computer with four partitions are always resulting in such problem, so we will focus on how to extend logical partition easily with partition software in this article to solve low disk space problem. And concerning to solve C drive is full, please refer to: How to Increase System C Drive Partition to Get More Free Space.

There are several solutions available to extend logical partition. First, if you are running Windows vista/7 or higher, the built-in Disk Management can do a favor with some simple partition operations like extend/shrink partition, however, unallocated space requirement is the premise.

Second, if you are so familiar with Windows knowledge, you can choose Diskpart to manage partitions on hard drive. Diskpart is powerful, for data security’s sake, please being careful to use.

Third choice is to extend logical partition with third-party partition software likeAOMEI Partition Assistant. When it comes to low disk space, Disk Management fails to extend partition, and you know litter about computer, there is no doubt that turn to third party partition manager for help is the right choice. It is easy to use and reliable to do almost operations concerning to disk management, like resize/move partition, extend logical/system partition, create/delete/format partition, partition recovery wizard, etc.


AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro edition works on Windows 8 and 8.1, Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000 (both 32bit and 64bit). It allows you to hot resize partition without reboot, extend partition, especially for system drive and logical partition, to solve low disk space problem and manage disk space easily and safely. Downloadit now and follow the instructions bellow to extend logical partition without data loss.

1. Launch Partition Assistant to see all the information of partitions.

2. Select the logical partition need to be extended.

3. Right click to choose resize partition.

4. In the pop up window, you can see the maximum size can be allocated to the partition.

5. Move the mouse on slider bar to extend partition.

6. Click Ok and Apply to make sure of the changes.