How to Reset Windows 11 PC for Sale?

How to reset Windows 11 PC for sale? In this post, you will learn a full guide on it. Besides, a reliable backup tool will be introduced to help you back up your essential files before initiating a factory reset.


By Hedy / Updated on September 13, 2023

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Do I need to reset my PC before selling?

A factory reset, as the term implies, entails returning the target PC to its original factory condition, essentially reverting it to the state it was in when it initially left the manufacturing facility. This operation eradicates all user-configured settings, preferences, and other customizations made subsequent to the device's acquisition. Furthermore, any applications installed by users will also be completely removed during this process.

So, if you are asking fo you need to reset Windows PC for sale, the answer is totally yes. It's generally a good idea to reset your PC before selling it to ensure your personal data and files are removed, and the new owner starts with a clean slate.

Precautions to take before resetting Windows 11 PC for sale

Not every device is suitable for a factory reset, and there are several important factors to contemplate before proceeding with this action. It's highly advisable to create a backup before embarking on a factory reset for any Windows 11 PC. Additionally, it's imperative to ensure that you possess the requisite tools for restoring such a backup.

When considering backup tools, contemplate options like AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional, whose "Clone Disk" allows you to clone the whole hard drive to another as a backup. In the event that anything goes wrong during the factory reset, you can boot from this media and subsequently restore the PC to its state before the reset occurs. This precautionary measure helps safeguard your data and system integrity throughout the reset process.

Before proceeding to how to reset Windows 11 PC for sale, follow the steps below to see how to clone Windows 11 to another drive as a backup.

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Step 1. Connect the new hard drive to your computer. Install and open AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional. Go to "Tools" and "Disk Clone Wizard" at the top interface.


Step 2. When selecting the cloning method, choose "Clone Disk Quickly" which will clone only used space to another disk.


Step 3. Select the source disk and click "Next".


Step 4. Then select your new drive as the destination disk and click "Next". Don't forget to tick "Optimize the performance of SSD" to align SSD partitions if your new disk is an SSD.


Step 5. Then, you can resize the partitions on the new drive. Select the one you like and click "Next".


Step 6. After reading a note, click "Finish" and then click "Apply" to commit the operation.


How to reset Windows 11 PC for sale?

How do you factory reset my PC so I can sell it? Just proceed with these steps to see how to factory reset PC Windows 11 after making a duplicate of your crucial files.

Step 1. Press the Windows key and the “I” key simultaneously to open Windows settings. And Navigate to System > Recovery > Reset PC.

Step 2. In the subsequent window, you'll be presented with the choice between two options: "Keep my files" or "Remove everything". Make your selection based on your specific requirements.


Step 3. Proceed by selecting the method through which you wish to reinstall Windows 11 after the reset.


Step 4. Now, you'll need to make a crucial decision regarding your data. You can either opt to merely remove your files or take the more comprehensive step of fully cleaning the drive.


Step 4. As you progress, you'll receive a confirmation prompt, asking if you are prepared to reset your device. Review the listed impacts, and if you have no further queries, click "Reset" to initiate the factory reset process for your Windows 11 PC.



That’s all about how to reset Windows 11 PC for sale. In this post, we have shown the necessity of restoring Windows 11 to its factory settings and offered a reliable disk cloning utility to make a backup of important files. Besides, if you want to reset Windows 11 but don’t know the login password. You can also switch to AOMEI software to reset Windows 11 to factory without password.

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