How to Create Windows 10/11 Recovery Disk from Another Computer

Want to create Windows 10 recovery disk from another computer to help you fix the boot problem? You come to the right place. You can learn how to make it by a built-in program or a third-party tool on this page.


By Dervish / Updated on April 12, 2024

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“Can I create Windows 10 recovery disk from another computer”

Last week I upgraded my Asus computer from window 7 to window 10, and I had many files that needs to be deleted. But now I cannot boot up my computer, and I was told to create a recovery disk from another computer. Can you help me to create recovery disk? Thanks."

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It is very important to create a Windows recovery disk if your Windows 10 system has a boot problem, such as Windows 10 BCD error. You can make a recovery disk using a disk (CD/DVD) or USB flash drive on Windows from another working PC. Once your OS encounters a serious problem, you can create a Windows recovery disk from another computer to troubleshoot the problem or reset your PC.

Even if your PC can function well, it is also wise to create a Windows 10 recovery disk as a precaution. Next, you can refer to the following content to learn how to create a recovery drive in Windows 10.

2 Methods of creating Windows 10 recovery disk from another computer

There are 2 methods of creating Windows recovery disk. The first method is using the built-in“Create a recovery drive” program that is only available for Windows 8 and Windows 10. It does not offer a solution to directly deal with boot issue, but it resets your PC to the original condition.

Thus, if you are running with another Windows system, or need a way to repair the booting hard drive, you can turn to method 2.


  • You need to prepare a disk, or USB with at least 32GB capacity.

  • The disk or USB drive will be formatted during the operation, so please back up the disk beforehand.

▶ Method 1. Create Windows 10 recovery disk with Windows built-in tool

Step 1. Connect a disk or USB drive to another computer, type Search icon, enter “recovery drive” in the search box, and click “Create a recovery drive

Step 2. A Recovery Drive window will pop up, check the “Back up system files to the recovery drive”, and click “Next”.

Step 3. Select the drive connected to your computer, and click “Create” to create a Windows recovery disk. When it is finished, you can insert the disk or USB drive to your computer to recover your OS.

If your PC can't boot up from the recovery disk, you might need to enter BIOS to reset the boot device.
1. Insert the recovery disk in your computer, and start your PC, when the logo shows up, tap a function key to enter BIOS.
2. In the BIOS setup, choose the “Boot” tab, and click “Change boot order”.
3. Give the recovery disk boot sequence priority over another disk. And press “F10” to save the change.

Step 4. After boot from the recovery drive, choose “Troubleshoot” > “recover from a drive” to perform OS recovery. And all your personal files and apps will be removed when it is finished.

▶ Method 2. Create Windows 10 recovery USB

Reset your computer with the method 1 will delete your personal data and software. When you have a boot issue, you can also turn to a disk repairing tool-AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional. It enables you to create a bootable disk or media from another computer in Windows 11/10/8/7. The bootable disk or USB can be taken as a Windows 11/10/8/7 recovery disk to boot your PC and fix the boot problem via its various features. 

Besides, It is also a disk partition manager, after booting from recovery drive, it helps you to manage your hard drives, like creating, deleting, cloning, and resizing/moving partition. Let’s see how to use this tool to create Windows 10 recovery USB.

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Step 1. Insert a disk/USB to another working PC, and open AOMEI Partition Assistant, and click "Tools" > “Make Bootable Media”, and click “Next” in the pop-up windows.

Make Bootable Media

Step 2. Choose the inserted device, and click “Proceed”.

Choose USB Drive

Step 3. It will prompt you the USB or disk will be formatted, make sure you backed up important data, and click “Yes”.


Step 4. When the operation is complete, click “Finish”.


Now you can insert the bootable media to your computer that has boot problem. After turning on the compuer, you might also need to set it as the boot drive in the BIOS setup. And then you will see the main interface of AOMEI Partition Assistant. And you can utilize its features to fix and manage your PC, such as:

● Check partition: When your computer cannot be started up successfully, the bootable USB you created can help you to check the sectors on the system disk, and fix the error automatically. Just right-click on the system disk, and choose “Advanced” > “Check Partition”, and choose a checking method to proceed.

Check Partition

● Rebuild MBR: MBR is a very necessary structure that contains a small amount of executable code to boot Windows. MBR corruption is a very common reason why a computer cannot boot up. You can rebuild the MBR via the recovery disk.


How to fix “A Problem Occurred While Creating the Recovery Drive”

During the process to create Windows 10 recovery disk from another computer, there is the possibility of failure, and the program may tell you “We can’t create the recovery drive. A problem occurred while creating the recovery drive”. When it happens, firstly you should check if the disk or USB is well-connected.

If the connection is good, it is probably because the recovery environment is disabled, and you can check the Windows environment status and enable it in the Command Prompt.

1. Type “CMD” in the Windows search box and press Enter. And click the search result to open Command Prompt.

2. Type “reagent /info” and press Enter. You can see the status of the Windows recovery environment.

3. If Windows RE status is disabled, type “reagentc /enable” to enable it.


How to restore Windows 10 without recovery disk?

Restoring Windows 10 without a recovery disk is still possible through built-in features in the operating system. Just type "System Restore" in the Windows search bar and follow the on-screen instructions to restore your system.

Does Windows 10 have a recovery disk?

Windows 10 doesn't come with a physical recovery disk like older versions of Windows did. However, it does provide options to create a recovery drive or disk. This can be done using a USB flash drive. You can follow the above steps to make it.

What is the difference between a recovery drive and a bootable drive?

In summary, a recovery drive is primarily for troubleshooting and repairing existing Windows installations, while a bootable drive is for installing or reinstalling the operating system on a computer.


This is all about how to create Windows 10 recovery disk from another computer. Now you can use it to restore and reset your system. Besides this, a bootable media created by AOMEI Partition is also an ideal choice to manage disk partitions under WinPE mode like formatting C drive, deleting the system drive, cloning the hard drive from the boot, etc. It gives you a chance to directly fix your boot problem by its repairing features.

In addition, AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional can also help you to extend system partition, wipe a hard drive via writing random data, convert boot disk to GPT without data loss , etc.

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