By Cherry / Last Updated May 15, 2020

SD card needs formatting

As a storage device, SD card is acclaimed in users. They stored photos, videos, musics, games, and many other data. You know that format SD card will erase all data on the SD card. But some times, you have to format it. There are so many reasons that you need to format your SD card. For example, if your SD card cannot showing, you need to format it to the right file system; once there is virus attacking your SD card, you need to format it for reusing, etc. However, you may stored a lot of data on the SD card, which you would not like to lose after formatting. So you may ask, how to save data before formatting SD card?

Backup data before formatting SD card

Backup data before formatting SD card must be the very best way to save data. If there is no problem with your SD card, you can easily backup data from SD card to another place with copying, transferring, or other methods. However, when there is something wrong with your SD card, and you need to format it, you can not backup data on SD card so easy. You must take a use of some SD card backup software.

AOMEI Partition Assistant is a great free third party software that allows you to format SD card and save data before formatting SD card. For how to save data before formatting SD card, you can follow the operations below step by step.

Step1. Connect your SD card to your computer. Download AOMEI Partition Assistant free, install and launch it. Then, it will display you the basic environment of your hard drives. Here, to save data before formatting SD card, you can right click the SD card, and select Copy Disk.

Disk Copy

Step2.Then, you will get into the disk copy wizard. Here you can select the way to copy your SD card, and we highly recommend you to choose Copy Disk Quickly.

Disk Copy Wizard

Step3. Then, you need to choose the destination disk to store the data from SD card.

Destination Disk


You can tick the box of “Optimize the performance of SSD” if your destination disk is an SSD storage. It will optimize its performance after the cloning.

If there are some data on the destination disk, they will be deleted. So, if the data are important to you, please backup them before doing this.

Step4. In this step, you can adjust the partition size on the destination disk as you want.

Edit Disk

Step5. Then, you will back to the main interface, and here you need to click Apply on the toolbar to submit the whole task.


Backup data before formatting SD card has a great meaningful to users. After backup SD card, you can start to format SD card to fix the error. Besides, AOMEI Partition Assistant is also a great partition manager that can help you manage your hard drives better, for example, if your SD card shows incorrect size, you can use it to fix the problem; or it allows you to create bootable media to help you boot your computer successfully, migrate OS to SSD only, etc. You can upgrade the free edition to AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional to get more functions.