By Ailsa / Last Updated May 15, 2020

The Scenario

About a week ago, my 500GB PS4 hard drive is filled up, and there is no space to store more games. So, I bought a larger HDD to replace the old PS4 hard drive. After replacement is complete, I want to format the old PS4 hard drive as a secondary storage device in my Windows 10 computer, but I find some problems to format it. The used PS4 hard drive cannot show up in Windows Explorer, and the only option I have is to "Convert to Dynamic Disk" in Disk Management. How to reformat PS4 hard disk? Please help.

About PS4 Hard Drive

Usually, the PS4 hard drive comes with a 500GB capacity. With time goes by, the PS4 hard drive will be filled up quickly because of the large games and files. Thus, you will replace the PS4 hard disk with a new, larger, speedier one. Make sure the hard disk is no thicker than 9.5mm, larger than 160GB, and replace the PS4 hard drive with it. After this, you could boot up your PS4 more quickly, load game faster, and get more space.

How to Reformat a Used PS4 Hard Drive

Sometimes, you may use the old PS4 hard drive as external hard disk or secondary storage device. At this point, you should reformat or initialize the old PS4 hard drive with a right file system. In the above scenario, since the format on the PS4 hard drive isn't readable by Windows so that the PS4 hard drive is invisible in Windows Explorer.

Next, you might use Disk Management to reformat PS4 hard drive for Windows PC. However, Disk Management cannot format a used PS4 hard drive usually.

As a matter of fact, there are some tools to reformat PS4 hard drive for Windows PC in the market. Here, we recommended the best tool - AOMEI Partition Assistant to format old PS4 hard drive because of its powerful and flexible disk management functions. AOMEI Partition Assistant provides many advanced functions to manage hard disk, like migrate OS to SSD, extend partition, Windows to go, etc.

Details to Reformat PS4 Hard Drive for Windows PC

Following text is formatting PS4 hard drive with "Format Partition" feature, there are just 3 steps to finish.

Step 1: Insert the PS4 hard drive into the computer. Download AOMEI Partition Assistant, install and launch it. Right click the partition on PS4 hard drive and select "Format Partition".

Format Partition

Step 2: A window pops up, change “File System” with the right one, and the “Partition Label”. Then click “OK” to continue. File System includes FAT32, NTFS, Ext2, and Ext3.

Edit Partition File System

Tips: All the data on PS4 hard disk will be destroyed.

Step 3: Preview the “Pending Operations”, and press “Apply” to reformat PS4 hard drive for Windows PC.

Pending Operations

After you format the PS4 hard disk, you can use it to save files, folders, music files, work files, video files etc. If you want to delete all data on PS4 hard disk, you can also use "Delete all Partitions" or "Wipe Hard Drive".