By Emily / Last Updated May 20, 2020

What is the serial number and what is it for?

A serial number is a unique identifier assigned to a hard drive after formatting and this unique number usually consists of the exact time {Date, Month, Year & Time (Hour, Minute & Second)} when it is formatted. It is utilized by the operating system to identify and recognize the specific drive or disk. In one word, the serial number is to the hard disk what the fingerprint is to the person.

How to perform Samsung SSD serial number check?

To find out the Samsung SSD serial number, the most common way is to take advantage of Command Prompt. In the Windows search bar, type CMD, and select the Command Prompt from the listed results. Then run the command “dir f:” (f stands for the volume on the SSD drive).

Check Serial Number

Besides verifying the Samsung SSD serial number from Command Prompt, you can also use a third-paty tool like AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional. This GUI tool makes Samsung SSD serial number check an easy task in Windows 10, 8, 7, and Windows XP/Vista. Here you can download its demo version for a free trial.

Install and run the software. Right-click the Samsung SSD volume and select “Advanced” > “Change Serial Number”. In the next window, you can check out its original volume serial number.

Check Serial Number

Bonus tip: change Samsung SSD serial number without formatting

Apart from the identification purpose, the volume serial number of SSD, HDD, or other data storgae devices is also utilized by some software vendors to prevent pirates from copying their products. If the volume serial number is different from the number of the original hard drive where the software was first installed, the software will not run. What if you just move software from one drive to another for a disk replacement or upgrade? Then you can change the volume serial number of the new drive same as the old one’s.

However, as mentioned in the first section, the volume serial number changes at any time when you format it again. And formatting partition means losing everything inside. Luckily, there is a way to change Samsung SSD serial number without formatting. That is to switch to AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional.

Run it, choose the Samsung SSD, click “Advanced” > “Change Serial Number”, input the serial number you need and click “OK”. Then click on “Apply” and “Proceed” to commit the pending operation.

New Serial Number

To summarize

So, to check Samsung SSD serial number, you can use Command Prompt and AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional. But for changing SSD serial number, the latter software is more recommended since it won’t format the drive and cause data loss. Additionally, it is also able to clone SSD to HDD/SSD, align SSD partition to optimize its performance, transfer OS to SSD, securely erase SSD drive completely, and more. To enjoy those great disk partition management functions on the Server operating system, you can try AOMEI Partition Assistant Server.