By Lucas / Last Updated March 4, 2022

About SanDisk

SanDisk is an outstanding manufacturer of flash memory storage devices, which provides many storage solutions for different usage such as SanDisk flash drive, memory card, microSD card, SSD drive, and so on. And now, this flash memory corporation has been acquired by hard drive manufacturer Western Digital.

SanDisk Write Protected Problem Overview

Once, you may be frustrated by the SanDisk write protected error message like this:

▪ I have a problem with my SanDisk Cruzer 8GB USB flash drive, every time I plug it in my computer and try to modify the data on it, but it’s saying that it’s write-protected. How to remove write protection from SanDisk Cruzer Blade?
▪ Why do I get a “the disk is write protected” information when I try to transfer files to my microSD card?
▪ Today I get a new SanDisk SSD drive, and it’s uninitialized. And I try to format it with Disk Management and failed due to an I/O error, and then I can’t create partition on SSD drive using DISKPART command because it’s write-protected. How should I deal with?
▪ Or other SanDisk storage device is write-protected problems.

For many users, how to figure out what causes this situation while you’re not an expert?

The Causes

The cause of SanDisk write protection error varies, you should find the root cause for SanDisk write protected, then fix it.

These causes should take responsible for the Write protection error:

1. Write protect switch is on the lock position. Please unlock SanDisk microSD card, USB flash drive, etc.
2. The device is infected by virus, and other attack.
3. The file system is corrupted due to some unknown reason.
4. The value of Windows registry key is incorrect.
5. Your Sandisk USB drive, flash drive, SD card, SSD or pen drive is dead.

Thus, you should know the most urgent thing is to remove the write protection. How to remove?

How to Remove Write Protection from SanDisk?

There are beyond three ways to solve this problem, here we are going to introduce the best two ways for SanDisk write protection error: CMD command and SanDisk write protected removal tool.

Way1: CMD commmand

Remove write protection with CMD command: DISKPART or REGEDIT.


1. Input diskpart in the Windows search box, press enter.

2. Type list disk.

3. Type select disk n, where n is the number of write protected SanDisk USB flash drive, microSD, SSD, etc.

4. Type attributes disk clear readonly.

Re-plug the SanDisk USB flash drive or other storage devices into your computer, check if the SanDisk write protected issue is solved.


▪ Input regedit in Windows search box, and then press enter.

▪ Locate the following path in Registry Editor:


▪ If the StorageDevicePolicies doesn’t exist, create it manually.

▪ Then double click WriteProtect and set the value from 1 to 0, then press OK.

▪ Restart your computer, and re-plug the SanDisk USB flash drive or other storage devices into your computer, check whether the issue is solved or not.

Way 2: SanDisk Write Protected Removal tool

The best way to remove write protection from SanDisk is to format it with write protection removal tool. So, how to find the best software to remove write protection from SanDisk pen drive, SD card, SSD and other storage devices?

We highly recommended AOMEI Partition Assistant to format SanDisk Cruzer Glide, USB drive, etc. It works well with SanDisk USB flash drive, microSD card, memory card, SSD drive, and other storage devices. AOMEI Partition Assistant is an easy-to-use disk partitioning tool, which applied to Windows operating system, including Windows Vista, XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10.

Following we will work you through the details about how to format SanDisk write protected devices.

Step 1. Connect SanDisk USB, SD card, SSD or other devices with your computer. Download SanDisk write protection removal software, install and run this program. On the main console, click the SanDisk USB flash drive, SD card or other devices, choose Format Partition at the left panel. Or right-click it, then select Format Partition at the drop-down menu.

Format Partition

Step 2: Edit the parameters of the partition, including Partition Label, File System, and Cluster Size. Then Click OK to continue.

Select File System

Note: All the data on the SanDisk USB flash drive, SD card, SSD and other devices will be wiped out, ensure you have backed up the important data in advance.

Step 3: Overview the result at the Pending Operations, and then press Apply to remove write protected.


A few seconds later, you will find the SanDisk write protection has been removed with SanDisk write protected removal tool. If not, maybe your SanDisk USB drive, SSD, SD card, pen drive, or other storage devices could be dead, you have to change a new one. In addition, you can convert USB between NTFS and FAT32 without losing data. Besides, this software also allows you to resize, move, split, merge, copy partitions for SanDisk USB drive, pen drive, SSD, SD card, allocate free space, command line partitioning, etc. The freeware you could try if needed. For server needs, you could download the AOMEI Partition Server to take a shoot.