Fixed:The Volume Label Is Not Valid in Windows 7,8,10

If you meet the error message sayinng “The volume label is not valid. Please enter a valid volume label” when trying to change partition label, read this post and learn how to fix this issue and successfully change volume label in Windows 10, 8, 7.


By Dervish / Updated on May 12, 2023

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Error message: The volume label is not valid. Please enter a valid volume label.

"I re-intalled my E drive because my camera card wouldn't work and it kept crashing my computer. The E drive menu keeps popping up and asking me to name it but everytime I type something in (such as backup or E:) I get an error message saying "The volume label is not valid. Please enter a valid volume label." This is driving me nuts. PLEASE HELP!"

Fix the “invalid drive label” by changing the volume label

When you set a label for your drive, you may receive an error message "The volume label is not valid". That means the volume label has been used on a certain media. See below and learn to change label as well as fix the issue.

1.Change the volume label with Rename option

Step 1. Open "My computer" or "This PC".

Step 2. Right-click the volume and select "Rename" from its context menu, and then name it as photos, files and folders, backup, and so on.


2. Change the volume label with Properties.

Step 1. Open "Disk Management" or "My Computer".

Step 2. Right click the volume and select "Properties" from the context menu.

Dm Properties

Step 3. Remove the old label and name it as photos, for example.

Change Label Dm

3. Change the volume label with CMD

Step 1. Type "cmd" in the search box and select "Run as administrator".

Step 2. Type "label f: music" in the command prompt window and hit Enter.

Change Label CMD

Freeware to fix “The volume label is not valid” on Windows 7/8/10

Every error has its own causes. The volume label is not valid is not an exception. This error implies that this label is used somewhere or unknowingly existed. You need to change it to another available one which is not being used now.

To fix the volume label is not valid on flash drive/USB drive and other storage devices, you can turn to a third-party tool. I recommend you free partition manager: AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard. With it, you can change label without any hassle. This software allows you to directly change label without reformatting this drive, and set a new label through formatting. Now download the freeware and check out the following guides.

Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Fix - an incorrect volume label was entered for this drive

This method does not cause data loss. If there is something important, you’d better try this.

Step 1. Install and launch this software, right-click the volume choose “Advanced” and select “Change Label” (as shown below).

Change Label

Step 2. Type the new label in the box and click "OK" to move on.

Change New Label

Step 3. View the pending operation, click "Apply" to commit the pending operation.


The volume label is not valid - please enter a valid label

This method will lead to data loss, recommended when you do not save important data on the drive. Or you can backup files in advance and follow the following steps to fix your problem.

Step 1. Right click the drive and select "Format Partition".

Format Partition

Step 2. Type the new label in the box and click "OK". If you want to set the volume label for FAT32 format, you can click the drop-down menu at the right side of File System and select FAT32.

Set Partition Label

Step 3. Click "Apply" to execute the operation.


Besides, AOMEI Partition Assistant can help you fix many problems, such as, the parameter is incorrect in Windows 10, Diskpart has encountered an error access it denied, Diskpart list volume there are no volumes, and more.If you want to fix some more challenging problems, such as, the specified disk not convertible, convert to basic disk greyed out, etc. In these cases, you need to upgrade to its advanced version.

Wrap things up

So, here we show how to fix “the volume label is not valid” error via different methods. Among them, the AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard makes things become easier and you just need to follow the steps above. Moreover, it offers many other fantastic features to help you conveniently manage your hard disk partitions, such as migrating OS to SSD, wipe partition, clone partition, move partition, check partition for bad sectors, convert FAT32 and NTFS without reformatting and so on.

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