What Is exFAT Format And How Do I Convert It? [In-Depth Guide]

In this tutorial, we’ll talk about what is exFAT format. And compare it with NTFS and FAT32. In addition, 3 ways will be provided to convert device from NTFS or FAT32 to exFAT.


By Tina / Updated on May 12, 2023

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What is exFAT format?

exFAT( Extended File Allocation Table) is a flash drive format first used in 2006. Specially designed for flash drive and internal drive, exFAT is optimized on the base of FAT32. It can store files larger than 4GB, breaking the limitation of FAT32. With the exFAT file system, you can store individual files larger than 4GB on partitions larger than 2TB.

This file format can be used on many systems, such as Windows and MacOS X. If you want to store files larger than 4 GB on devices (such as the PS4), the exFAT can be the best choice.

exFAT vs. NTFS vs. FAT32: What's the difference?

exFAT, NTFS and FAT32 are three types of file systems.

NTFS is short of New Technology File System, this file system is launched in 1993. It's the default modern file system on Windows 11/10/8/7, Windows XP, etc. With the directory and file permission, it provides users with a safe working environment. Besides, it improves reliability and disk performance by using an advanced data structure.

FAT32 is the oldest file system, since being created in 1977, it is widely used. Using the File Allocation Table, it describes the relationship between the allocation information and every cluster. If you want to locate the catalogue and files on the disk, FAT32 can work as the catalogue table of the system.

Compared with FAT32, there’s no realistic file/partition size on exFAT. In addition, the exFAT can be more compatible than NTFS. In other words, the exFAT can be regarded as the middle file system between NTFS and FAT32.


How to convert to exFAT format

After knowing what is exFAT formatting. When you want to store many larger files on the flash and internal drive, you can try the following methods to convert to exFAT format.

▶ Method 1. Format device to exFAT via Disk Management

Disk Management is a practical Windows built-in tool, it can perform some disk managing tasks, such as changing drive letters, formatting the hard drive, shrinking volumes, etc.

Step 1. Press "Windows +X", then select "Disk Management" in the list.  

Open Disk Management

Step 2. In the Disk Management, right-click the target drive and click "Format".


Step 3. In the new popped window, select "exFAT" and click "OK".

Format Disk EXFAT

▶ Method 2. Format device to exFAT with CMD

Another Windows tool CMD can help you format disk to exFAT. This is a command line tool, you can manage the partitions on the hard drive with the entered commands. Here are the steps to convert to exFAT.

Step 1. Click the "Start" button, then input "cmd" in the search bar and click "Run as Administrator".

Step 2. Then type the commands below and hit "Enter" each time.

• list disk
• select disk n ( "n" refers to the drive letter of the target drive. )
• list partition
• select partition # (" #" is the target partition on the disk. )
• format fs=exfat
• exit

Convert To EXFAT CMD

The Better way to format a device to exFAT from NTFS or FAT32

After knowing what is exFAT format, how to convert a device to exFAT is also a confusing question for some users. Although we have shared two methods, some people are afraid of the complex commands, and there may be no exFAT option issue.

Here, you can try a much easier disk manager- AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard. Just need several clicks, this freeware can easily convert the disk to any file systems, like FAT3, EXT2. NTFS and exFAT. Beside, the wizard will help you to properly edit the partition label and cluster size.

Apart from formatting partitions, there’re other practical functions to manage your hard drive, like Wipe Hard Drive, Resize Partition, Initialize Partition, etc.

PS.: This tool can be compatible with the Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP, if you want to convert the device to exFAT on Windows Server, the Server Edition is suitable for you.

Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 1. Download and install AOMEI Partition Assistant, then right-click the target hard drive and select "Format Partition".

Format Partition

Step 2. In the new pop out window, select "exFAT". You can set the Partition Label and Cluster Size, then click "OK".

Choose EXFAT

Step 3. Click "Apply" and "Proceed" to perform the file system converting task.



In this post, we have shared what is exFAT format, you can know difference between NTFS, FAT32 and exFAT. Besides, we provided three methods to convert the devices to exFAT, including Disk Management, CMD and reliable AOMEI Partition Assistant.

If you want to manege the disk in a next level, you can turn to the Professional Version. More advanced disk manage functions will be unlocked, such as Allocate free space, Disk Clone Wizard, Move installed programs to another drive, and so on.

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