Best HDD Clone Software: Clone HDD to SSD Easily

When you plan to replace the current hard drive for faster speed or larger space, you’d better clone HDD to SSD. You can make use of the best HDD clone software - AOMEI Partition Assistant to get it done without losing data or reinstalling OS in Windows 11/10/8/7.


By Hedy / Updated on June 5, 2024

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Is cloning HDD to SSD good?

Disk cloning is common for computer users. When they want to upgrade the hard drive for a better experience or larger space, make a disk backup, or fix some tricky hard drive problems, HDD clone is always a great choice.

As the successor of HDD, SSD behaves well in performance, speed, stability, size, etc. Thus, an increasing number of users tend to choose SSD as the destination disk. After cloning the hard drive to SSD, you will get a duplicate of all the content (including system settings and installed programs) on your original disk and begin to enjoy better performance.

Try the best HDD clone software for Windows OS

To perform HDD to SSD clone, you can't miss the best disk cloning software for Windows 11/10/8/7/XP/Vista systems - AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional. For HDD clone, it has two options for users: "Clone Disk Quickly" clones only used space to the destination disk, so you can clone a larger hard drive to a smaller one; "Sector-by-Sector Clone" supports cloning the entire disk, including bad sectors and lost/deleted files.

Most importantly, the "hot clone" feature of this powerful software allows you to clone HDD to SSD without reinstalling or restarting Windows OS, resolving the problem that has troubled users for a long time. If necessary, you can also choose to adjust the partition size or align SSD partitions during the HDD cloning process.

Now, you can download the demo version of the best HDD clone software and see how to easily copy everything from a hard disk drive to a solid-state drive.

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How to easily clone HDD to SSD in Windows 11/10/8/7?

Before starting, here are several things you need to prepare in advance to keep the cloning process smooth and successful.

  Install the new SSD onto your PC and make sure it can be well detected. If there is no extra disk slot, connect it with a SATA-to-USB adapter.
❈ If the second hard drive is brand new, please initialize it first; if not, back up the important files on it because the operation to HDD clone will erase everything from the SSD.
❈ Please ensure the capacity of the new solid-state disk should not smaller than the used space of your current hard drive.
❈ If your destination disk is not big enough to hold everything on the original disk, you can move programs to another drive, delete unwanted files on the source HDD, or just migrate OS to SSD.

Then, you can follow the step-by-step guide to begin to clone the hard drive to SSD.

Step 1. Install and open AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional on your computer. Click "Clone" in the main interface, and select "Clone Disk".


Step 2. Choose the hard disk that you need to clone as the source disk and click "Next".


Step 3. Select another drive as the destination disk, and then click "Next".


Step 4. Then, you can check the source and destination disk in the next window or change to "Sector to Sector clone", and click the "Confirm" button to continue if there is no problem.


Here, you can also click the "Settings" button to adjust the partition size on the destination disk or tick "4k alignment" to improve the reading and writing speed of the SSD. 


★ Copy without resizing partitions: The source disk configuration will be copied on the new disk with same partitions size.
★ Fit partitions to the entire disk: The partitions on the source disk will occupy the entire destination disk.
★ Edit partitions on this disk: It allows you to adjust the size of partition manually, set the size as you like.

Step 5. After returning to the main interface, check the pending operation and click "Apply" and "Proceed" to commit the operation.



Hopefully, this passage is helpful to you when you want to run HDD clone. As you can see, for cloning HDD to SSD, AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional does a great job even in some abrupt or unexpected situations. For example, if your PC fails to boot normally, it can help you clone hard drive with a bootable USB.

In addition, if you're an IT technician and want to clone hard drives on any computer conveniently, you may try AOMEI Partition Assistant Technician and use it to create a portable version of this powerful HDD clone software.

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