By Cherry / Last Updated September 29, 2020

Migrate data to Kingston SSD

SSD, the short of solid state drive, is a kind of storage drive which runs faster and quieter than the traditional HDD. It has better properties than HDD, and so, more and more users would like to replace HDD with SSD.

Kingston SSD is one of the famous SSDs in the world. It has many excellent products such as Kingston SSDNow V300 solid-state drive,Kingston's HyperX SSD,Kingston Solid State Drive SSDNOW 120GB SSD, Kingston SV300S37A 120GB 2.5, etc, and you can choose its products according to your requirements. If you would like to use Kingston SSD to replace your old hard drive, you need to re-install an operating system to your new Kingston SSD, which means you will abandon your old data on the old hard drive. But what if you do not want to abandon your old data? Is there anyway that you can migrate data from your old hard drive to new Kingston SSD?

Kingston SSD data migration software

To migrate data to Kingston SSD, the best way is taking use of a Kingston SSD data migration software. And here, we highly recommend you the software AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional, which can migrate data to Kingston SSD and optimize its performance in a few simple steps on Windows PC OSes including Windows 10/8/7 (if you are a Windows Server users, the AOMEI Partition Assistant Server is suitable for you). Here you can follow the detailed steps to do it:

Step1. Connect your Kingston SSD to your computer and make sure it can be detected by your computer. Then, install and launch AOMEI Partition Assistant (you can also download the free edition). It will show you its main interface, right click the hard drive, select Copy Disk.

Copy Disk

Step2. It will bring you to the Disk Copy Wizard. And here, you need to select “Copy Disk Quickly” or “Sector-by-Sector Copy”. Choose the first one and click Next.

Disk Copy Wizard

Notes: the Sector-by-Sector Copy would copy every byte on your hard drive no matter it used or not, and the target disk should be as large as the source disk at least. If you are trying to clone hard drive to smaller SSD, you should choose “Copy Disk Quickly”.

Step3. Then, you need to select the Kingston SSD as the destination disk to copy the source disk to. Considering the destination disk is SSD, here we highly recommend you tick the box of “Optimize the performance of SSD”.

Destination Disk

Step4. AOMEI Partition Assistant allows you to edit the partition size on the destination disk. If you need, you could adjust the partition size on the Kingston SSD as you want.

Edit Disk

Step5.Then, you need to read the note for how to boot operating system from the destination disk. Read it and click Finish.


Step6. It will back to the main interface, clickApply to submit the whole progress.



AOMEI Partition Assistant should be the best Kingston SSD data migration software, you can use it to clone HDD to SSD with the Disk Copy function, and you also can use its Partition Copy Wizard to copy the specific partition to your Kingston SSD, you can even use it to migrate OS to SSD only. Besides, it has many other features for you to manage your disk, for example, resize partition, convert NTFS to FAT32, create bootable media, etc.