Best External Hard Drive File Recovery Software for Windows OS

When you lose or delete on your external hard drive, you can recover them immediately via a reliable file recovery tool. This post aims to provide you with the best external hard drive file recovery software to help get the files and folders back.


By Hedy / Updated on August 15, 2023

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Why use external hard drive file recovery software?

The undeniable truth remains that an external hard drive gives us great convenience. It allows us to transport terabytes of data wherever our journeys take us and facilitates the seamless sharing of files across various storage devices. However, statistical evidence shows that data loss often happens to external hard drives. That’s where the external hard drive file recovery software comes in.

Usually, file recovery software for external hard drives is used to recover lost or deleted files from these external drives, even if the disk is formatted or corrupted. Since files lost on the external hard drive won’t go to the Recycle Bin, seeking a reliable external hard drive file recovery software free becomes imperative.

When do you need external hard drive data recovery software?

In addition to some common causes, such as unintentional deletion and formatting, that can lead to data loss on an external hard drive, there exist additional scenarios demanding external hard drive recovery, including:

1. Data depletion from virus intrusions, OS failures, or OS reinstatement: Loss of data from an external hard drive can result from invasive virus attacks, operating system crashes, or the reinstallation of an operating system.

2. Inaccessibility due to RAW file system: An external hard drive's transition to a RAW file system can render it unreachable, necessitating recovery measures.

3. Visible but void of data: There are situations wherein the external hard drive registers in Windows but displays no accessible data, prompting the need for recovery interventions.

4. Unrecognized USB hard drive: Instances of an unrecognized USB hard drive underscore the necessity for recovery initiatives.

Try the best external hard drive file recovery software

When confronted with the task of external hard drive data recovery, the process would become smoother if we adopt the optimal data recovery tool. From user feedback, evaluations conducted by experts, and our detailed analysis, AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional emerges as a prime candidate for serving as the designated software to facilitate the retrieval of data from external disks. This multifaceted software has gained widespread usage due to its capability to:

Retrieve data that has been deleted, formatted, or misplaced from an external hard drive.
Effectively recover data compromised by virus assaults, operating system malfunctions, OS reinstatements, or instances of the file system transforming into a RAW format.
Seamlessly restore a comprehensive array of file types, encompassing images, videos, audio files, emails, and documents, among others.
Provide support for a diverse range of external hard drive brands, including but not limited to Seagate, Toshiba, Samsung, and more.
Undertake the task of repairing various video files, as well as restoring images of different formats.

Out of these beneficial features, AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional plays a vital role in recovering files from external hard drives. Besides, If you are a Windows Server user, there is the Server edition for you.

How do I recover files from an external hard drive?

Here's a step-by-step guide to utilizing this valuable external hard drive file recovery software:

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Step 1. Begin by installing and launching the utility. Upon doing so, navigate to the "Recover" tab, followed by the "Recover Data" option.


Step 2. Proceed to select the partition wherein the files were residing prior to their loss. Initiate the scanning process by clicking on "Start Scan".


Step 3. After scanning, a comprehensive list of deleted files will be presented. Peruse through the list and designate the specific files you intend to reclaim. To initiate the recovery, simply select "Recover".


Step 4. In the subsequent phase, designate a pathway for the recovered files by choosing a folder destination. Confirm your choice by clicking on "Select Folder".


Step 5. As you observe a small window emerging, indicating the successful recovery of your chosen files, proceed by clicking "OK".



With the help of external hard drive file recovery software, getting the deleted or lost files back from an external hard drive becomes a straightforward process. Among all the data recovery tools on the market, AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional stands out for its pragmatic and dependable features. Don't hesitate to employ this wonderful program to recover your files as the above steps are outlined.

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