How to Retrieve Missing Folder in Outlook

4 practical methods will assist you find missing folder in Outlook. If the folder misses for mistaken deletion, you can also know how to recover deleted folder in Outlook in this post.


By Irene / Updated on May 12, 2023

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Reasons of missing folder in Outlook

Nowadays, an increasing number of users organize their busy life by using Microsoft Outlook. From personal use, like planning calendar schedules and creating tasks, to business use, like receiving emails or others. Therefore, if the folders containing significant files get missing, people are anxious and worried.

Retrieving missing folder in Outlook can be one of the urgent to-dos. But before knowing how to find missing folders in Outlook, we should first pay attention to the possible reasons.

Here we list some common causes:

• The folders may be hidden for various reasons.
• Internet connection error may cause your account not to Sync, making the Outlook folders not appear.
• You may inadvertently delete the folders from Outlook. The folders may be sent to Deleted Items or Trash folder temporarily if you do not permanently delete them.
• The folders may get damaged or corrupted

4 approaches on how to find missing folder in Outlook

To get back the missing folder in Outlook, you can try to use 4 methods to make it at play. Let’s follow the step-by-step guidance to retrieve your important folders.

Method 1:Using Advance Search to find missing folder in Outlook

This method is suitable for answering how to search for a missing folder in outlook. You can know the where are the files, and even you have moved them to another unknown place.

Step 1. Open Microsoft Outlook, and go to the “Search” tab.

Search Outlook

Step 2. Select “Search Tools” and choose “Advanced Find” (Or you can simultaneously press “Ctrl+Shift+F”).

lost folder outlook 6

Step 3. Type the item name, and click "Browse" to search.

lost folder outlook 7

Step 4. Remember the folder location and path when the Select Folder(s) window shows up. Then click OK.

lost folder outlook 8

Step 5. Back to the Outlook main interface and find the target folder.

Method 2: Find missing folder in Outlook via checking Internet connection

Missing folder in Outlook may also happen to Internet connection errors. If the Internet fails, your Outlook account may not be syncing with the server. In this circumstance, the folders only show if you are syncing, or otherwise, they may show but empty. At this moment, try to check Internet connection and reload these files. They may be restored and appear after the connection works normally.

Method 3: Check the Trash Folder

If you unwittingly delete the folder without emptying the Bin, you can check the Outlook Trash Folder.

Step 1. Select the Deleted Items (or Trash folder) on the left side of the screen.

deleted items or trash

Step 2. Open the folder, you can find all the deleted or removed files. Find the target folder and right-click > Move Other > Folder to restore it.

deleted items move

Method 4: Restore the deleted or corrupted Outlook folders

Unfortunately, if you permanently deleted your folders, and have not made a backup on your missing folders, nor syncing with the server successfully, it is difficult to find the missing folders.

Using technical skills could be complicated for some computer users to follow. So, we suggest you use a powerful tool, AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional, to help you safely and quickly recover missing folder in Outlook.

It can rapidly scan the whole hard drive on your computer, and find the deleted or corrupted folders of Outlook. More importantly, it can not only retrieve the missing folder in Outlook, but also can recover lost or deleted data in most cases, including documents, photos, emails, movies, bookmark files, and so on.

No matter what inadvertent operations or accidental events like deletion, formatting, or crash, AOMEI Partition Assistant is always trusted to handle these troubles.

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Let’s learn how to find a missing folder in outlook

Step 1. Launch AOMEI Partition Assistant. Select "Recover" > “Recover Data” in the main interface.

recover data

Step 2. Choose the hard drive that you store the Outlook files, and then select “Start Scan

recover windows data

Step 3. You can see all the deleted or lost folders and files in this step. You can use Filter or Search box to find the target folder.

select recover data

Step 4. Confirm the folder that you want to recover, and then click “Recover file” to get your missing folder back.


We shared 4 approaches on how to find missing folder in Outlook in this post. If you consider the reason for missing folder is that the folder has been deleted permanently or corrupted, AOMEI Partition Assistant will help you to retrieve it back.

Apart from data recovery, it also boasts advanced features like cloning disk, moving installed apps, MBR/GPT data-safe conversion, etc. Moreover, there is Server edition for Windows Server users to manage their devices actively.

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