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Note:This article applies to Dynamic Disk Storage. Content in this article may not be relevant to you. Visit how to merge unallocated space to C drive under Basic Disk Storage.

Question: "Dynamic Disk Partition in Windows Server 2003"

I've got a Windows Server 2003. It has 60GB single disk which shows in Disk Management as being dynamic. I have a C: partition at 5.86GB, a data D: partition at 36.10GB, and 18.04GB unallocated space. I'd like to merge 18.04GB unallocated space into the C: drive. I've tried from Disk Management but it tells me "The selected volume is a system or boot disk or was created on a basic disk in an earlier version of Windows and cannot be extended". Is there anyway of merge this unallocated disk space?

Disk Management

How to merge unallocated space to C: drive if you have encountered the above problems? The following will show how to tackle this problem.

How to merge unallocated space to C: drive?

Under dynamic disk storage type, all Windows Disk Management snap-in only allow you to extend simple/spanned volumes into unallocated space from the same disk or another disks. Expanding system/boot volume or striped/mirrored/RAID-5 dynamic partitions is impossible.

AOMEI Partition Assistant Server provides full-featured dynamic disk partition management solution for home and enterprise users. All your dynamic partition and disk maintenance requirements can be fulfilled with basic and advanced features, such as resize dynamic disk, extend dynamic system partition, shrink dynamic volume, convert dynamic disk to basic, expand RAID-5 dynamic partition and add drive to RAID, etc.

The tutorial will take Windows Server 2003 for example on how to merge unallocated space to C: drive and it also applies other operating systems, including Windows Server 2008/2000 and Windows 7/8/Vista/XP/2000.

Step1: Launch AOMEI Partition Assistant Server Edition, click "Dynamic Disk" to initiate the function. Then right-click D: partition and select "Resize/Move Volume".

AOMEI Dynamic Disk Manager

Step2: In the pop-up window, position mouse pointer on D: partition and move it to the right. Then, click "OK" to get back to the main window.

Move Volume

Step3: Right-click C: drive and select "Resize/Move Volume". In the pop-up window, drag the right slider rightwards to merge unallocated space to C: drive. Then, click "OK" to get back to the main window.

Merge Unallocated Space to C Drive

Step4: Click "Commit" on the toolbar.

Commit Operations

After clicking "Commit", a window will pop up and lists the pending operations. Click "Proceed" to execute.

Proceed Pending Operations

All the operations need to perform under Reboot Mode. After restarting computer, you will find the unallocated space has been merged to C: drive successfully.

Unallocated Space Merged

To test whether AOMEI Partition Assistant Server is compatible with your computer systems and satisfies all of your requirements, please download free trial.

Note: If C: drive is mirrored/RAID-1 dynamic partition, please visit how to extend mirrored volume.

Tips: Choose the right version according to your needs or operating systems.