By AOMEI / Last Updated August 11, 2017

Disk management is empty apart from my DVD drives. I have the safely remove devices thing in the taskbar. I have been using a lot of different virus scan programs to get rid of whatever is doing this but to no avail.

Disk Management Blank

Reason of disk management blank

Disk management is blank, what’s wrong? Many people may encounter this disk management empty problem. Speaking of this problem, I want to introduce a term called Logical Disk Manager which is an implementation of a logical volume manager for Microsoft Windows NT. The main reason caused disk management blank is that Logical Disk Manager stopped work.

How to solve disk management blank?

Step 1: Press the win + r shortcut to open the computer's “Run” window, type “services.msc” and click OK. Or you can click Start and type “services.msc” and press Enter. You will get the picture as follows.

Local Services

Step 2: Find the option Plug and Play, then double-click it to open its setting. Select “Automatic” in Startup type. Click OK to save the setting.

Plug and Play

After that, you should see all your connected hard drives in Disk Management.

Limitations of Windows Disk Management

Windows disk management has the basic functions including format volume and delete volume. You can also check the Properties of each partition on your computer under Disk Management on Windows 7.

Although Windows disk management has those basic functions, it still has limitations. Besides blank disk management, extend Volume grayed out is a very obvious problem because there is another volume between system volume and unallocated space. What's more, there is no option for moving volume. Also, sometimes you may receive the message that you cannot create a new volume in this unallocated space because the disk already contains the maximum number of partitions. This is because Windows only allows four primary partitions at most. If you want to create a new volume, you must delete partitions to re-create partitions.

Windows 10/8/7 Disk Management alternative - AOMEI Partition Assistant

Since Windows disk management has many limitations, it is necessary to find an alternative to remedy the limitations. AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional is a perfect choice. It brings a wide variety of tools and user-friendly interface, which aims to make your PC disk partition management much easier and safer than ever. AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro has many advantages over Windows 7 disk management:

Move Partition

  1. Resize FAT Partition (Extend, Shrink)

  2. Allocate Free Space

  3. Merge Partitions

Migrate OS to SSD

  1. Convert Dynamic Disk to Basic

  2. Wipe Partitions/Disks

  3. Hide/Unhide/ Partitions

  4. Copy Partitions/Disks

  5. Convert FAT files system to NTFS

Look at the main interface of AOMEI, all these operations can be easily performed with AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro. Besides Windows 7, it also supports Windows 10, 8.1/8, Vista, XP and Windows 2000 Pro SP4.

Partition Magic Pro Interface


Windows disk management do have some limitations, if you need to perform more advanced operations such as Move Partition, Convert Dynamic Disk to Basic, Wipe Partitions/Disks, it is not enough for you. So you may try a third party software - AOMEI Partition Assistant. With the help of AOMEI Partition Assistant, you don not have to worry about disk management blank or other problem anymore.