By Cherry / Last Updated July 31, 2019

The partitions on your hard drive may not satisfied you all the time. Sometimes, you may want to merge two partitions into one to get better uses. How to merge partitions in Windows 7? If you are about to merge data partition with an empty partition, Windows Disk Management will suit you well. First run Disk Management by typing “diskmgmt.msc”, in the pop-up windows, right click on the empty partition to Delete Volume, then the empty partition becomes unallocated space, then right click on the source partition toExtend Volume, then you can see the two partitions merged as one.

Note: As for the empty partition we mentioned, it’s OK with a used partition, but you have to delete the data before merging. Besides, the unallocated space must next to the partition you want to merge. Sometimes it’s convenient way if we want a clean partition to merge. However, someone just want to merge them without data loss, in which case, we have to find another way to do this job.

The merge partitions in Windows 7 method above mentioned is not suit for data keeping merging. So we have to choose third party software particularly designed for partition jobs. Partition Assistant,free partition merge software, is the one we are going to sharing on this topic.

Free Partition Merge Software

Run Partition Assistant on the desktop, or choose it from the Start Menu; in the main interface, you can see listed partition of your disk, choose any one of the partition you want to merge with, then right click to Merge Partition, or choose it from the operations list on the left. In the hint window, tick the two partition you want to merge (they must be nearby to each other). Then Choose the target partition from the downward arrow, which means you can add D partition into E, or E to D; and then Click OK to proceed. Now, in the left down corner, you can see Pending Operations tell us: “1. Merge D, E into D”. ClickApply to start merging.

This is the way of how to merge partitions in Windows 7, you don’t have to delete partition to create unallocated space. With data secure, you can easily merge partitionsby AOMEI Partition Assistant, have a try, you can be the master too.