How to Use AOMEI Disk Clone Wizard Correctly?

How to use Disk Clone Wizard of AOMEI Partition Assistant? If you’re still puzzled at the use of this powerful disk manager, here, refer to the most detailed tutorial to get it done correctly.


By Cherry / Updated on May 12, 2023

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Although Partition Assistant is mainly designed for Windows hard drive partition, it comes with copy wizards – “Disk Clone Wizard” and “Partition Clone Wizard”. They help clone your entire hard disk/partition to another hard disk/partition for backup or data transfer. For example, when upgrading HDD to SSD, you can apply “Disk Clone Wizard” to transfer all data from the old HDD to the new SSD.

With this tool, you can copy hard disk to another place, which is helpful when you replace your current HDD or SSD with a new disk without reinstalling system. Take the following steps to proceed.

Note: The Standard Edition only supports MBR data disks clone, if you wish to clone MBR system disk, MBR to GPT, GPT to MBR, GPT to GPT, please upgrade to the Professional Edition.

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1. Run Partition Assistant Standard Edition, in the main window you can see how many disks you have in the disk list.

2. Choose the source disk, and then Click "Clone Disk" in “Clone” at the top menu.


3. In the popup window, 2 options are available for you to choose: Clone Disk Quickly; Sector-by-Sector Clone. The previous one means to copy the used space of the disk to another disk with partition adjustable in the process, and this one is recommended; the latter one, on the other hand, is to copy all sectors of the disk to a target disk both for used space and free space.


4. Choose one and click on “Next”, now you can select the Source Disk, next to select Destination Disk. Click on“Next” to proceed.



5. here you can see three options before starting.

1) Clone without resizing partitions: The source disk configuration will be copied on the new disk with the size of the same partition.
2) Fit partitions to the entire disk: The partitions on the source disk will occupy the entire destination disk.
3) Edit partition on this disk: You could resize partitions size on the new disk.


6. Choose one, change the settings, and click on “Next”.

7. Read the note and hit “Finish”.


8. Click on “Apply” to commit the operation.


If you clone a boot disk, when the disk clone is complete, don’t restart the PC directly. In order to make your PC boot from the destination disk, please shut down the PC first, disconnect the old source disk from the PC and then, reboot the machine. Now, it will boot from the new hard disk.

If you want to keep both hard disks, you should boot computer from the destination disk by change booting orders in BIOS or UEFI.

change boot

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