By AOMEI / Last Updated February 26, 2020

Situation: C drive-61GB, only 14GB free; D partition-90GB; E partition: 135 GB; F partition: 180 GB;G partition: 67 GB.Here is the thing, I want only three partitions on my disk, System, Data and Daily file. I want to delete F partition and make its space divide into two parts for C drive and E partition. How to do it easily?

Windows Disk Management does not has the function of Move partition, therefore it is not going to work. AOMEI Partition Assistant, a hard disk partitioning tool, is capable to delete Windows partition and move it making its space available for other existing partitions. You’ll know many functions on this product. Let’s proceed.

Windows Delete Partition

Before we do anything to our disk or partition, back it up or only backup important files. Then run Partition Assistant. First figure out the main theory of the whole operation, we should first delete F partition (the one I don’t want to use), and then add the free space to C drive and E partition. Keep that steps in mind, cause we are going to operate for real.

Click F partition, then right click or directly choose "Delete Partition" from Partition Operations.

Delete Partition

In the hint window, click Delete partition quickly or Delete partition and wipe all data to prevent data recovery; the first option is the recommended one; then OK to proceed remove Windows partition.

Delete Partition Method

Now we can see from the partition list that F partition is now an unallocated space. Then Choose E partition and select "Resize/Move Partition" on the left or just right click to select "Resize Partition".

Resize Partition

In the second row slide the right bar of E partition to 235 GB (we add 100GB to E drive, 80GB for C drive );

Extend Partition E

and then move the whole partition to right in order to make the rest free space on the left of E Partition and be very behind C partition. Then, click "OK".

Move Partition

OK, now click C drive, slide the right bar to 141GB. Now we can see C: 141GB; D: 235GB. Don’t forget to Apply all those operations.

Apply Operations

Windows Reserved Partitions

Some one may found that there are 100MB space of system reserved, asking us how to delete this partition. In face, the 100MB partition is a system partition and contains boot files. Disk Manager will not allow you to remove this partition because removing this partition could cause the system to not boot.

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