Convert Disk Partition Style between GPT and MBR without Data Loss

GPT disk, a more advanced partition style, is specially designed for the larger hard drive (disk capacity is larger than 2TB), while MBR disk is widely used nowadays. It is not easy to convert the disk type between MBR and GPT when there is data on disk. Windows built-in Disk Management or Diskpart only enables you to convert empty (no data, or no partition) disk between MBR and GPT.

AOMEI Partition Assistant is a safe and reliable disk converter which allows you to convert MBR to GPT or GPT to MBR without deleting partitions and losing data. It will protect all your data during the conversion and help you out of troubles.


  • Convert disk from MBR to GPT partition style without data loss.
  • Convert disk from GPT to MBR partition style without data loss.
  • Support system/boot and data disk, external hard drive, and SSD.
  • The conversion only takes 3 ~ 10 seconds.
Learn How to Convert GPT to MBR or Convert MBR to GPT Disk

If this function can help you maintain partition and hard disk easily and fast, you can: