By Michael / Last Updated March 15, 2022

Partition Recovery Wizard Is Necessary

"I can't find my partition D in my computer?" "why my partition is deleted? "

Some people may encounte such problems. If you did, what would you do? maybe you will think a kind of reliable Windows partition software to make partition recovery, and try your best to find partition table recovery software. Any accidents like blackout, virus attack or carelessness may make the data and folders disappeared. In this case, partition recovery wizard is necessary for us to retrieve data if misfortune happens. When you get in such troubles, AOMEI Tech’s free Partition Assistant would be the ideal Windows partition recovery software.

Once you find your partition is gone, you can use Free Partition Recovery tool like AOMEI Partition Assistant to recover partition, and don't create new partition or do other operations on missing partition, just recover deleted or losted partition directly.

AOMEI Partition Assistant:

System Support: Windows XP/Vista/7/8 (both 32bit and 64bit)
Language Support: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Hungarian, Polish, Russian etc.

Step 1. Click Partition Recovery Wizard on the main interface.

disk partition recovery

Step 2. In the pop up window, select the partition for recovery. Then choose the search method from either fast search or full search. Click Next.

select disk

Step 3. Click Proceed. After a while, the data will be all retrieved.

Apart from Partition Recovery Wizard, AOMEI Partition Assistant also includes other useful functions specially designed for large capacity hard drive:

1.Migrate OS

Migrate operating system from the old hard drive to the new one without any risk.

2.Align Partitions

If the partitions on SSD are not aligned, the reading and writing speed may be slowed down up to 15%. Thus this function is extremely useful for SSD users.

3.MBR to GPT

Convert the hard disk architecture from MBR to GPT without data loss.

Tips: As free partition recovery tool, AOMEI Partition Assistant has various basic and advanced functions apart from partition Recovery Wizard feature. With Partition Assistant, you can create partition, delete partition,format partition, resize/move partition, extend system partition, shrink volume, split partition,merge partitions, wipe hard drive and partition, convert file system,hide/unhide partitions, set active partition, etc. All the operations can be completed without data loss. Free download and check how powerful it is!


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