By Lucas / Last Updated March 9, 2022

For a Windows operation system, there should be at least two hard disk drive partitions. One for installing operation system, the other is for storing files and data. But normally, most people prefer to partition hard drive into more than two volumes for managing their hard drives in a more efficient way. But some restrictions have been applied in Windows. Partitions cannot be further divided if there are four primary partitions existing already. As only a logical partition can be divided into multiple extended partitions, we have to convert a primary partition to a logical partition in this situation.

Another fact that may have been neglected by many users is that unaligned partition will slow down the reading/writing speed of partition depends on various situations, especially for SSD. The processing speed of SSD may be slowed down up to 15% if the partitions are not aligned.

In short, as a user of Windows,partition is extremely important that will directly determine the performance of your computer.

How to Solve the Problems?

To solve the problems listed above, we need to convert /align partitions with a third party partition tool. AOMEI Partition Assistant would be a nice choice because it’s mature and well developed for 4 years. Align partitions in AOMEI Partition Assistant is easy and straightforward. If the target partition is not aligned, AOMEI Partition will remind you to align it and let you choose the sector size to set alignment.

Converting a primary partition to logical one just requires you to click the mouse button three times. The work will be done before you realizing it.

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