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Situation about Shrink Volume in Windows Server 2008

Question: "My system partition c drive is running out of space, but my d drive has more space unused, so I need to shrink d drive to get some space and extend system partition. However, when I attempt to shrink d volume by Disk Management, it says Available Shrink Space = 0. I want to say, there is much free space in d drive, but cannot shrink, and I feel very puzzled. What is the best way to decrease my D volume and extend the C volume? "

When you search in Google and will find in many forums, there are so many similar posts about shrink and extend partition. Thus it can be seen many users encounter low disk space issue, especially system partition-c drive. In Windows Server 2008, as for the small and medium businesses, everyday there is much official data increasing. How to shrink volume Windows Server 2008? This article will tell you.

In addition to system is too small, users need to shrink a big partition and extend it, there are another two situations. To manage your files more effectively or when data partition is too small, you still are necessary to shrink and extend volume.

Ways to Shrink Windows Server 2008 Volume

Shrink Volume by Disk Management in Server 2008

Compared with the old servers, in Windows Server 2008, it has a new feature, which is Shrink and Extend Volume feature and this provide convenience for partition management. If you want to shrink volume to extend partition, this feature can help you. You can right click My Computer to select Manage, and then open Disk Management. Right click d drive, and select Shrink Volume.

Shrink Volume Disk Management

Then you can shrink d, here the maximum amount of space to shrink is half of d volume.


After finish shrinking d volume, you can see the unallocated space is not next to system partition.

Unallocated Space

And in the situation, if you right click c volume, and extend volume, it cannot work. If your unallocated space is behind c volume, extend volume feature can help. How to solve this problem? How to easily and quickly shrink volume Windows Server 2008 to extend partition without Disk Management?

Shrink Windows Server 2008 Volume by AOMEI Partition Assistant

To solve the above situation, a third software is recommended to you. As for a professional and server partition magic, AOMEI Partition Assistant Server is very excellent and powerful. By it, you can easily manage your disk and partition, such as resize/shrink/extend partition, split/wipe/delete/create/merge partition etc. In Server 2008, with its help, you can easily solve your disk problem easily and effectively. Here is the guidance about how to shrink Windows Server 2008 volume.

1. Launch AOMEI Partition Assistant and right click d to select Resize Partition.

Shrink Partition

2. Then move the slider to shrink d volume, and you can decide the location of unallocated space. Here the space is after d drive. (Note: Here you can also let the space is before d partition. )

Size Position

3. Right click d to select Move Partition, and the unallocated space will be before d drive and next to c drive.

Note: Move Partition feature can solve Disk Management extend volume problem when unallocated space is not behind c partition.

Move Partition

4. Then you can resize c partition to extend partition.

5. After finish these operations, click Apply to finish shrink volume Windows Server 2008 to extend system partition.

Note: This software can work with Windows Server 2019/2016/2012/2008 R2, etc. as well.

In one word, by AOMEI Partition Assistant, users can easily shrink a big partition and extend a big partition. It can make up for the deficiency of Disk Management.

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