Best Free PNY SSD Secure Erase Utility in Windows

Check out one of the most secure utilities to erase your PNY SSD like PNY CS1311, CS2211, Optima, etc completely without affecting its performance and lifespan.


By Lucas / Updated on May 12, 2023

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About the PNY SSD you’re using

One of the most popular SSDmanufacturers, PNY Tech, has its own reputation in computing, gaming, digital imaging, and mobility industries. SSDs are one of their products. PNY SSDs like PNY CS1311, CS2211, CL4111, Optima, and EP7011 are high level disks that are designed to optimize the performance of both laptops and desktop systems. Therein, CS1311 is a good solution for entry-level hard drive upgrading. Many users have moved data to PNY SSD from HDD on their computer to benefit from the advantages like better running experience which are brought by SSD.


The reason for PNY secure erase

With PNY SSD’s put into use, various related demands might arise, and PNY SSD erase is one of them. In summary, you may want to do a secure wiping for SSD in following situations:

PNY SSD’s performance is getting worse. You may find that the SSD is not the same as the one you bought before. Startup time is longer, or you hear some noise. Anyway, you want PNY SSD's peak performance back and increase SSD lifespan at the same time.

Use PNY SSD for other purposes. It is pretty common that you may have copied installed system from PNY SSD to a newer or larger SSD. The old and small PNY SSD is still good enough for low demanding computer. Then, you want to wipe all data from that SSD.

Resell PNY SSD to others. This is similar to the last one, yet this case possibly involves information leakage. No matter to give it to your friend, donate to strangers, or resell to others, it is important that you have cleaned all personal and sensitive information on that drive, so that they cannot be recovered by malicious intentions.

You might have other reasons for this behavior. But to do secure erase on PNY SSD, a professional and reliable wiping tool is necessary. Go ahead to check this one.

What PNY SSD secure erase utility do you need?

Among so many SSD erasing programs, AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard will catch your sight with its powerful and easy-to-use features. This freeware provides different solutions for HDD wiping and SSD erasing because they have different write methods. The specific feature would be SSD Secure Erase Wizard.

SSD Secure Erase Wizard is different from regular formatting or deleting. To be specific, format only marks the sector as deleted and tells the OS that the sector can be wrote again. The information is not really wiped until it is overwritten.

Secure erase does things in different manners. AOMEI Partition Assistant will take advantage of ATA Secure Erase command line to write zeros to every used sector so that none of information can be retrieved. Furthermore, it hides the complicated command line operations and makes the whole progress done in several steps. So, even a computer novice can do it.

In a few clicks, you can secure erase PNY SSD for sure. Why don’t you download this freeware and have a try.

Download Freeware Win 10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

How to securely erase PNY SSD in Windows 7 step by step?

Important: to do a PNY SSD wipe, make sure it is not the boot drive. If there is an OS installed on that drive, uninstall the SSD and connect it to a Windows 7 based computer as an additional device.

PNY SSD Secure Erase

Step1. Install and launch AOMEI Partition Assistant. Find the PNY SSD and right click it at the main interface. Select “Secure Erase SSD”.

Step2. A notice will come out to tell what you are going to do. Then choose the PNY SSD from the list.

Stpe3. It is quite normal that your SSD enters into frozen state to stop the erasing. A frozen state is used to protect SSD from modifying. A secure erase will wipe all data on the SSD but does nothing to do with its Control information. So, don’t worry. You can do a hot swap to unfreeze it.

Perform a Hot Swap:

  1. Open computer case cover, or back cover or hard shell on laptop.

  2. Find the selected SSD and unplug the power cable off SSD.

  3. Unplug SSD’s SATA cable.

  4. Reconnect the SATA cable to the SATA or IDE port.

  5. Reconnect the power cable to the power port.Close the cover.

Step4. After a hot swap, you can easily clear all content on PNY SSD. Wait for the process to be done.

1. The data will be removed completely via this method and it’s impossible to recover them after that. So please be careful and back up important data to cloudor external at first.
2. To securely wipe PNY SSD with Windows 10 or Windows 8 installed, operate in the same way. This method also applies to erase SSD of laptop.
3. Do not erase your SSD too frequently. Storage like SSD has self-sufficiency (SSD TRIM) to maximize drive life and ensure data is properly discarded.


There are so many ways to do PNY SSD Secure Erase on market. However, to find the most useful and easy-to-use utility is always not that easy. AOMEI Partition Assistant is dedicated to simplify all complicated operating steps so that even regular people could finish the job as well as experts. This software can be used to erase other brands of SSD such as Toshiba, Intel, Crucial, Kingston, etc. and as the alternative to their manufacturer software, if it fails you.

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