By AOMEI / Last Updated June 27, 2017

You need Secure Erase

You can never be more careful about data privacy because everything around you is connected in this interconnected world. When you want to get rid of a SSD, you’d better not leave any data on it. As you may heard the regular way to wipe a hard drive cannot be used to erase an SSD because it will leave data behind and hurt your SSD’s lifespan.

If what you have is a Samsung 830, 840, or 850 series SSD, you can use Samsung SSD Magician to perform Samsung SSD Secure Erase. Secure Erase is a way to reset your SSD to the factory default performance and all the data can never be recovered even if you ask for data recovery services.

How can it be done?

Once you get the Samsung Magician installed, you can run the Secure Erase within Windows 10/7. In this way, you can only wipe a secondary SSD that has no system running.

If you want to erase the SSD which Windows is running on, you can use a CD/DVD or USB drive to create a bootable media to do the Samsung SSD Magician Secure Erase.

However, it does not provide an option to create Samsung SSD Secure Erase ISO. If you need the ISO to get this done remotely, you can use a tool like Phantom Drive to mount a blank writable DVD image, and se SSD Magician to burn the image to the virtual drive. Then you will get an ISO file.

How to use Samsung SSD Secure Erase utility?

Make sure you SSD is not connected via the SCSI controller interface, because Magician will not work that way. According to your own situation, choose Secure Erase in Windows, bootable disk, or ISO to perform the Erase. After you get the interface loaded, you can follow the steps below.

1. In the lower left section, click Data Security.

Data Security

2. Make sure you read the warning and then click “Start” to get started.

Samsung Magician Secure Erase

While you trying to erase the SSD within Windows, there are chances that SSD stuck in frozen state. In that case, you can create a bootable CD or USB drive to perform the Secure Erase.

If you ever plan to wipe an SSD, you can use this method to perform Samsung SSD Secure Erase, which is safe and quick. If you use other brands’ SSD, you can use another tool to securely erase SSD.