Two Ways to Make Kingston SSD Secure Erase

This post tells how to perform Kingston SSD Secure Erase to wipe all data on it and restore the SSD's performance.


By Bryce / Updated on May 12, 2023

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How can I restore Kingston SSD's performance?

I have a Kingston Digital 240B SSDNow V300 solid-state. At first, its reading and writing speed is fast; but now, its performance has dropped. I want to restore it to its original status. Is it necessary to make Kingston SSD Secure Erase? Or can I just format Kingston SSD to get the same effect?

Kingston SSD

Kingston SSD Secure Erase VS Kingston SSD format

It is not unusual that the performance of SSD gets poor as time goes on. SSD format can only take effects on physical layer and doesn’t act on logic layer of SSD. Therefore, the deleted data can be restored. As for securely erasing Kingston SSD, it will delete all data and related working records of controller. Therefore, this way can irrevocably clean up all the data on the Kingston SSD and restore it to the factory default setting.

How to perform Kingston SSD Secure Erase?

Thus, it can be seen that it is the wise choice to make Kingston SSD Secure Erase, no matter for property recovery as the scenario describes or for privacy safety when you intend to abandon your old Kingston SSD. And the next part will introduce two ways for you to securely erase Kingston SSD.

Securely erase SSD via Kingston SSD Manager

Kingston SSD Manager is a tool with various features such as “monitor SSD health, status, and disk usage”, “update drive firmware”, “securely erase data” and so on. Here we only discuss how to use the function of “securely erase SSD data”.

Firstly, you shall download Kingston SSD Manager, install and run it. You may see the pop-up Microsoft Visual C++ Window during the installation process. If so, just waiting and click “Finish”. The program will demand you to power off SSD and back on it without rebooting the system; thus, you can unlock the security freeze lock state to enable secure erase. Then click “Secure Erase” under Security option, and you’ll be informed to enter the last four letters of the serial number to confirm secure erase. Finally, the Kingston SSD secure erase will be finished in a few minutes.

Notice: It only supports make Kingston SSD Secure Erase on Windows 7.

Securely erase SSD with AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional

Sometimes, SSD may not be detected by Kingston SSD Manager for some reason. At this time, AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional can help you. 

To apply this great software that can help you to manage and optimize HDD and SSD,  you need to download and install it. 

You can download the demo version of AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional to have a try at first!

Try Demo  Win 10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

▪ The SSD shall be installed on a working computer running Windows 7 through SATA cable (as the feature is only available in Windows 7 at present).
 ▪ As secure erase will irrevocably delete all data on the SSD, you can back up the SSD to external hard drive if you want to keep the data.
▪ Hard drive erasing will result in data loss. It is suggested to perform a cloud backup or local backup on crucial files before you start.

First of all, to implement Kingston SSD Secure erase, fire up AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional and click “Wipe” on in the top toolbar, and choose “SSD Secure Erase”.

Ssd Secure Erase

Then you can do the following steps:

1. Select the SSD that you need to erase securely and click “Next”.

2. Check identification information of the SSD again in case of selecting wrong SSD. Here you can see the SSD is in a frozen state, you have to do a hot-swap for this SSD. Then, click “OK” to implement SSD secure erase.

Steps to make Hot Swap:

a. Open the computer case (If the computer is a laptop, opens its rear cover or drive shell.) and spot the SSD that you want to securely erase.

b. Unplug the power cable and disconnect the SATA data cable from the SSD.

c. Reconnect the SATA cable to the SATA port on the SSD and plug the power cable back into SSD’s power connector.

Within a few minutes, this tool will finish the whole process of SSD secure erase on Windows 7. Then, the SSD shows as a block of unallocated space.

If the SSD is a system boot SSD, you have to install the SSD to another working computer running Windows 7 through SATA port.
If you need to upgrade your SSD to a larger one, you can use AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional to clone SSD to SSD. Then, you can securely erase SSD and donate or give it to your friend.


There is no doubt Kingston SSD Secure Erase definitely can help you to wipe out all data on the SSD and restore the SSD to its peak performance (factory setting). You can execute this action with Kingston SSD Manager or AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional. The latter is an SSD secure erase tool with strong compatibility.

Apart from Kingston SSD, it is workable with many other SSDs such as Intel SSD, Samsung SSD, Seagate SSD, and Crucial SSD, etc. What’s more, AOMEI Partition can help you to format SSD,  align SSD partition, resize partition of SSD and allocate free space on SSD. Try this comprehensive software and it will never let you down.

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