Easily Merge C and D drive in Windows 10 without Losing Data

You can learn how to merge C and D drive in Windows 11/10/8/7 with several clicks by using the partition manager AOMEI Partition Assistant.


By Cherry / Updated on May 12, 2023

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Merge C drive and D partition in Windows 10 to get more free space on C drive

Low space

Windows PC users know that a Windows PC usually has several partitions, C, D, E, etc. Generally, the C drive is the system partition, storing Windows OS files and applications.

With more files you storing, the available space on the C drive will decrease, and your PC might start to freeze occasionally or run extremely slowly. And When you upgrade your current Windows to a newer version, you may find that Windows needs more space to store the system files. Thus, you may face the problem that the C drive is running out of space.

If your D drive has more free space and your C drive needs more space, why not combine C and D drive to extend your system partition?

How to merge C drive and D drive in Windows 10

As we mentioned above, merging C drive and D partition in Windows 11/10/8/7 should be a good way to enlarge the C drive. Here we provide you two effective methods to do it.

1. Merge C drive and D partition in Windows 10 with Disk Management

Windows operating system provides a tool Disk Management to manage disks. But as a Windows user, you may also realize that you can’t merge two partitions into one partition directly with Disk Management. But, you can delete D drive and add the volume to the C drive to enlarge it,Here you can follow the steps below:

Tips: if you do not want to lose data on D drive, please backup D partition or migrate all data from D drive to another drive in advanced. If you are finding a way to merge C and D drive in Windows 10 without losing data, click here to get a safer way.

Step 1. Right-click This PC > Manage > Disk Management.

Step 2. After entering Disk Management, right-click D drive and then click the "Delete Volume" option.

Delete volume

Step 3. After deleting, the D drive will show as unallocated volume. Then, you can right-click the C drive and click "Extend Volume "option to extend your C drive with the unallocated space.

Extend volume

Step4. After extending, you will find that the original D drive has been added to C drive.

2. Safely Merge C drive and D partition without losing data

In order to merge C and D drive without losing data, here we highly recommend you a freeware AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard, which is a powerful software for disk management. With this software, you can easily resize and merge C, D, E or any other partitions with several clicks. It also allows you to create partition, split partition, format partition, move partition, etc.

Download FreewareWin 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step1. Install and launch AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard. You will see the main interface of it. Right-click C drive and select "Advanced" >  "Merge Partitions".

Merge Partition

Step 2. Here you will move to the window where you can select the partitions you want to merge together. Just check the box in front of C and D drive as the following picture shows, and click "Next".

Tick D Partition

Step 3. Here you can see the main interface that the C drive and D partition are merged into one partition. Click "Apply" to submit all operations.

Result Preview

Finally, wait till it is finished. Here you have already merged the C drive and D partition in Windows 10. The C drive is extended so that it won’t run out of space anymore and you will use the Windows 10 operating system normally. All data on the D drive will be saved in a folder named as "D:".

To sum up

These are 2 ways to merge C drive and D drive in Windows.

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