By Cherry / Last Updated May 15, 2020

Why we need to move Windows 10 partition?

Many people did not partition the disk well at the first time. With the usage of computer, the shortage of the unreasonable partitions will show up. Thus, you have to resize partition to get a better performance. Such as extend system partition, create a new partition to store the special files, or merge partitions in to one for better managing. Sometimes, you can do it with the Windows built-in tool Disk Management directly, or you can make it with some other software. However, in some situations, you have to move partition for Windows 10.

The Situation

Once, a friend said that she had wanted to extend the system partition for Windows 10, and there was an unallocated space behind the D: partition. However, when she tried to extend the system volume with this unallocated space, she found that the Extend Volume of Disk Management was grayed out so that she could not use it. Later, she found out that only when there was unallocated space adjacent to the partition which should be extended and it must at the right side of the partition. Thus, she thought it would be a wonderful thing if there is a way to move those two partitions.

The Solution

To move partition for Windows 10, you can use a third-party software. Considering the features and price, here we highly recommend you AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard, which is a good freeware for managing disks. It can not only move partition, but also resize partition, split partition, create partition, delete partition, etc. Besides, you can use it to convert between MBR and GPT and vise versa, convert between dynamic disk and basic disk and vise versa, and so on. It supports almost all the Windows PC operating system including Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10. It is a great powerful free Windows partition manager.

When you want to move partition for Windows 10, try this freeware to finish it in a few steps.

How to move Windows 10 partition with AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard?

We have mentioned that the AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard can move partition for Windows in free with a few steps. How? Here are the specific steps for you.

Step1. Download this software, install and launch it. You will see the main interface of this software, and the basic state of your partitions. Here you can see that there is an unallocated space behind the D partition.

Main Interface

Step2. If you want to move the unallocated space to the left side of D partition, right click D partition, select Move Partition.

Select Move Partition

Step3. Here you have already reached the interface of Move Partition. Put the mouse on the D partition part and drag it to the right side till it cannot move anymore, then, click OK.

Move Partition

Step4. You will go back to the main interface at the first time, but it has already changed, the D partition and the unallocated space changed their positions. However, it isn’t ending. You should click the Apply at the left top to submit all the operations. Then, wait till the progress ends. Click Finish to exit.

Click Apply

Move Partition is one of the magic functions of AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard. It still has many other features you can use. AOMEI Partition Assistant has many different editions for different clients. No matter PC users or Server users, or Technicians, they all can find the right edition for themselves.