[Guidance] How to Copy and Paste on Windows 11

This post will discuss how to copy and paste on Windows 11. In addition, it will provide methods on moving apps and folders.


By Irene / Updated on September 22, 2023

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When using computers, people can't live without copying, cutting, and pasting in daily computer use. Regardless of the type of data, whether it's a paragraph of text, a document, a folder, or any other necessary items, copying and pasting can make it easy to organize files, or move data to another location.

However, computer novices or older people may not be familiar with these operations, especially after the Windows 11 fresh updates, as it brings significant changes compared to any previous Windows OS. But don't worry; today, we will show you how to copy and paste on Windows 11 to manage your data easily.

How to copy and paste on Windows 11

Actually, to copy and paste in Windows 11 is pretty simple. You can utilize keyboard shortcuts with a few times clicking, directly drag or drop files to the target location, or operate in File Explorer Command Bar. Let’s continue to read the precise guidance to copy and paste your data on Windows 11.

Way 1. Achieve Windows copy files by using keyboard Shortcuts

To cut or copy in Windows 11, trying a traditional but useful method is a good consideration. Generally, "Ctrl+C" can achieve a"Copy" operation, which allows users to duplicate the same files. "Ctrl+X" means "Cut", which is similar to the function of moving data. Then, you can right-click the target page or location and choose "Paste" to apply the operations.

Alternatively, you can just click the icons with the mouse. Right-click on the desired files or documents, and some icons will appear. Here we attach a picture as an example.

The scissor icon on the top of the first one means "Cut". Next to it, the two overlapping pages icon refers to "Copy". Like the above operation, select "Paste" to cut, copy and paste in Windows 11.

copy and paste win 11 icon

Way 2. Use dragging and dropping files to copy and paste on Windows 11

Using dragging and dropping to fix how to copy and paste on a Windows 11 is also an easy-to-follow approach.

Step 1. Open File Explorer. Next, navigate to the target file or folder. Here you can see the icons and operation name shown on the right side of the window.

Note: To make it convenient for the next step, please change the File Explorer window size to "Restore" so it will not get maximized.

Step 2. Then, open a File Explorer window again to navigate to the desired location or folder.

Step 3. Click and hold on the target file or folder in the first window and drag it to the second window on the right side.

Step 4. Choose an appropriate location and drop it by releasing your mouse.

Notice: If the operation happens in the same computer drive, it will execute "cut and paste" like moving data, but if in different computer drives, it will work as "copy and paste".

drag and drop files win 11

Way 3. Copy and paste files in File Explorer Command Bar

When you open File Explorer, you may notice a new toolbar named "Command Bar", which differs from the previous versions. In Windows 11, the function "Cut" and "Copy" are displayed with icons.

As we mentioned before, the scissor icon means "Cut", and the overlapping pages icon refers to "Copy", which is noted in the below picture. You can copy and paste in Windows 11 by clicking the icons and then using "Ctrl+V" to paste on the desired location.

copy paste files win 11 command bar

Can I copy and paste applications?

Copy and paste is quite convenient for managing data. However, is this method universally suitable for every situation? After upgrading to Windows 11, some users may encounter issues like a full C drive. During such times, they typically consider uninstalling or moving large programs. But can copy and paste work out such a case?

The answer is NO. Copying and pasting program files doesn't transfer critical settings and dependencies, often leading to broken applications. Proper relocation requires uninstalling and reinstalling or using a reliable application mover for accurate transfers and registrations within the OS.

Here, we recommend AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional. Its “APP Mover” function allows users to easily move downloaded programs from one drive to another drive without losing any data. You can effectively free up space but avoid uninstallation and reinstallation.

By the way, this powerful tool also supports cloning hard drives if you want to make a backup during the process.

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Step 1. Download the software and launch it. Select the target disk stored the programs you want to move, then click “Free up” > “App Mover” in the top menu.

app mover

Step 2. When the window shows up, you can see two choices. If you need to move folders, please refer to the tip part. Here we choose “APP Mover”.

two options

Step 3. Select the target partition that you want to move the applications and choose “Next”.

select partition

Step 4. Select the programs and the destination drive. Click the “Move” button.

move adobe installs

Step 5. A mini window will pop up. Read it and click “OK” to begin to move.

ok move adobe installs

※Tip part: How to move folders
Step 1. Do the same as the above method. Click “Free up” > “APP Mover” at the top of the main interface. In the interface that has two choices, please choose the “Move folders” option.

two options

Step 2. Choose the Documents folder and select a new location to store it. Ensure the drive has prepared enough space to store, or you can turn to extend the partition. Then click “Move”.

choose new path and click move

Step 3. There will be a notice that it will forcibly close the running programs when moving starts. Select “OK” to begin.


Step 4. Wait for the process. Then click the “Finish” button to complete the process.

click finish


After reading this post, have you got how to copy and paste on Windows 11? Besides, we also share how to move file in Windows if you need to free up drive space or move folders. At this time, simply copy and paste will not work out, so it is time to consider another method.

Choosing AOMEI Partition Assistant can be an easy and handy way. It also boasts other advanced features such as migrating OS to another disk, converting MBR/GPT, extending SSD C drive to improve performance and so on. In addition, if you want to run this powerful software on Windows Server 2022/2019/2016/2012/2008/2003, please choose the Server Edition.

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