About Windows 11 22H2 Update--What You Want to Know

Windows 11 22H2 update will become the biggest system update this year. This post will show you some details about it and help you preparer your PC for this update in advance.


By Lucas / Updated on May 12, 2023

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After exploring for almost one year, finally, Windows 11 will welcome its first biggest system update, the 22H2 update which will include several changes and will be available as a full feature upgrade rather than an enabling package. This new update may be named Sun Valley 2 or version 22H2 and released in late September but the exact date is still not clear. 

Honestly, it’s not surprising because so many users confront lots of weird bugs and glitches in this new system. Apparently, a thorough update is quite necessary.

Windows 11 22H2

The hard work of Microsoft on the next major version of Windows will continue arduously on the new features, some say this version will be similar to Windows 10 Anniversary Update. Just like when Windows 11 was released, some users might have previously gotten a 22H2 update via Windows Insider Program before it was officially released. If you’re using Windows 10 and wish to upgrade to the new Windows 11 in this chance, well, the basic hardware requirements of Windows 11 are still the same as when it’s released last year, so, prepare your devices before the update releases.

About Windows 11 22H2 update— What’s new?

In fact, some new features are traceable such as folders in the Start menu, new accessibility features, and File Explorer tabs. Here we list something new about Windows 11 22H2:

• App folders in the Start menu

• Resizable pinned area in Start menu

• Drag and Drop on the Taskbar

• Focus Assist integration with Notification Center

• New flyout design

• New Voice Access accessibility feature

• New Live Captions accessibility feature

• New gestures and animations for touch users

• New snapping experience

• New Task Manager app

• New "Suggested Actions" feature when copying dates/numbers

• Better OneDrive integration with File Explorer

• Several other minor UI improvements and consistency updates

What’s more, Microsoft is also clearly interested in improving the performance of Windows 11 on tablets. New gestures will allegedly allow users to rapidly reach the Start menu or Quick Settings by swiping up from the bottom of the display.

And Wallpaper stickers are another new feature. Users will be able to personalize their desktop backgrounds using stickers that are often only available in chat applications. It will be available in Settings and may stay even if the primary wallpaper design is changed. You may rearrange, resize, and add new stickers on the desktop using a separate Sticker Editor program.

Of course, the final answer will only be known after the official release of this update. However, we still can learn more other information from existing notice.

1. New Windows Shell

Microsoft simplifies the user interface by replacing outdated interfaces with more contemporary, uniform Windows 11 designs. The 22H2 update includes contemporary designs for items like the volume and brightness interfaces that appear when those parameters are adjusted via actual hardware buttons.

The option to create app folders and alter the size of the pinned apps area is also introduced in the Start menu, allowing users to select whether to have an extra row of pinned applications or limit the pinned apps area to two rows in favor of a bigger "Recommended" section.

A wider "Recommendation" area will allow you to pin more apps or activities in the Start Menu's suggestions section. Additionally, if your device lacks complete desktop programs, you will soon be able to force the Start Menu suggestions tab to open files in Office online only.

22H2 Windows Shell

The Taskbar will once again enable drag and drop, which means that users will be able to drag files onto program icons on their Taskbar to paste the file into them. (This feature was removed in the initial edition of Windows 11.) And in the small menu, there’s a new “Suggested Actions” feature. When you copy a date or phone number, this feature will trigger the options to offer quick ways of either creating a calendar event or adding a phone number to your contacts list.

For tablet users, there are new modifications meant to improve the touch experience on the 22H2 update. It will be easier to reach popular components of the Windows Shell via new gestures. Users may reach the Start menu by swiping up from the bottom of the screen, and Quick Settings by swiping up from the right corner.

2. New Settings

In the Accounts section, there's a new Microsoft Account page that provides an overview of your Microsoft 365 membership as well as convenient access to various online settings and services. In the same location, there's also a new Family Safety page, which is intended to allow easy access to all of the Family Safety choices if you utilize that service.

22H2 accounts

Windows Update can sync with the local power grid and the update settings will aim to schedule downloads and installations with your electrical grid in order to use as much renewable energy as possible.

While in the Start menu, users can change the number of pinned or suggested rows, set the Bing daily picture as a desktop wallpaper, and disable the System Tray overflow menu.

3. New File Explorer

File Explorer will be getting new functionality. These improvements include the restoration of folder previews, which allow you to see what's within a folder before clicking on it. You can currently pin folders to the Quick Access tab, but Microsoft appears to be expanding support to include files as well. Whether the file is saved locally or in the cloud through OneDrive, SharePoint, or Teams, it will be instantly updated across all of your devices.

Outlook may now allow users to attach OneDrive files to emails through File Explorer. This currently only handles locally saved files. About OneDrive, Microsoft's cloud storage will now be incorporated directly into the app and available at all times.

22H2 File Explorer

4. New Task Manager

Task Manager now features a new sidebar navigation UI that automatically folds when the window size is reduced. There will also be a new Sound Recorder app with additional output choices, an audio visualizer, and a significantly improved user interface.

22h2 Task Manager

5. New flyout design

Microsoft is updating the design of hardware indicators such as sound and brightness. The revised flyout fits the design presented for the media controls across the operating system and Microsoft's goal for WinUI.

Media controls that appear on the Lock screen when playing music in a compatible app are also receiving a new appearance. Surprisingly, the media controls will be dark to match the rest of the Lock Screen's aesthetic design. Microsoft also stated that the revised media controls mirror the design principles of Windows 11 and that more flyouts would be modified in future preview releases.

6. New multitasking performance

In terms of multitasking, Windows 11 will soon have a feature called “Snap groups”. This will be similar to Windows 10, where you can drag programs to the front of the desktop and snap them to the left or right side of the screen. This is allegedly part of a new visual identity for multitasking, with Task View having been overhauled and now featuring the desktop background.

22H2 Multitasking

There will be more new features in the Windows 11 22H2 update. We can’t list all since it’s not been released, the 22H2 upgrade may not throw all new features out at one time, and some will be included in a later-in-the-year update, thus, let’s keep the focus on the new Windows 11.

Bonus tips: Prepare your devices via a Windows 11 22H2 update assistant

As we’ve mentioned that the basic hardware requirements of Windows 11 won’t change, if your devices don’t meet the requirements, here, we prepare some solutions for you.

1. Extend system drive for upgrade/update

If the C drive doesn’t have sufficient space, your computer will stop you to upgrade or update the system. To easily and securely extend the C drive, AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional can help you a lot. There are 2 features that can use the available space at a maximum.

The “Merge Partition” function can merge nonadjacent unallocated space to the target drive while the “Allocate Free Space” feature can cut the free space on the other drive to add to another drive.

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If your D drive or E drive has much free space, but your C drive has a low-capacity warning, this function allows the user to allocate the free space from one partition to another.

Step 1. Launch AOMEI Partition Assistant, right-click the partition from which you want to allocate free space, and select "Allocate Free Space".

Allocate fee space

Step 2. You will get a pop-up window. Type in the size of the free space which you want to cut from the D partition and this free space will be directly added to the destination partition.


Step 3. Click "Apply" to execute this operation.


2. Convert to GPT without data loss

For users who wish to upgrade to Windows 11 in the update but whose system disk is still MBR partition scheme, you can use the “Convert to GPT” feature to safely convert to GPT. Just make sure your computer supports UEFI.

Step 1. Launch AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional. Right-click the system disk and choose “Convert to GPT”.

Convert system disk to GPT

Step 2. Click “OK” to confirm your operation.


Step 3. Click on “Apply” to commit the pending operation.


After successfully converting MBR to GPT, you can change BIOS to UEFI.

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