By AOMEI / Last Updated December 10, 2019

Situation: Yesterday I saw a problem when going to a forum, one person asked “I have a very important server running Windows Server 2003, and System partition is becoming too small, it's slowing down the machine. I have already tried to clean all stuff and transfer some "unimportant software" to the data partition but it didn't help much at all.

Is there any way to re-partition my hard-drive that will work on a 2003 Server, that's not too expensive and that could be used without turning the machine off, or one way to increase partition size Server 2003 to solve low system partition space problem?”

After know this problem, I also answer it. Here I want write one article to tell you when you meet this situation, how to solve it and ensure you have enough free space for data storage and Server or your PCs can run smoothly.

Two cases of Partitions in Windows Server 2003

Why you meet the insufficient disk space of system partition? First, you need to know two cases.

1. When you buy a computer and install computer system, you only have one partition, which is system partition. But if you need more partitions to store data. Then you need to create some partitions.

2. You may ask one person who works in computer to repartition your computer. After one period, in your data partition, there is much data taking up the space and maybe your system partition also becomes very small because of some added applications.

These two cases show you need to do some operations to repartition and extend partition. Especially when disk space is not enough, it is necessary to increase partition size Server 2003.

How to Increase Partition Size in Server 2003?

In general, some users may say Disk Management can meet your need. However, unluckily, in Windows Server 2003, it has no shrink and extend volume feature. Therefore, you cannot use Disk Management to increase Server 2003 partition size. How to do? The best way is to choose one excellent server partition magic software -AOMEI Partition Assistant Server.

AOMEI Partition Assistant, a professional disk and partition manager, is designed for small and medium businesses. It can be used to do many disk-related operations, resize partition, extend partition, shrink, move, split, create, merge partitions, disk/partition clone, MBR and GPT convert and so on. With it, you can get a good server computer performance. As for increase partition size, you can use its “Extend Partition Wizard” or “Resize Partition” features to achieve this aim. Please look at the following guidance.

1. Here we take extend system partition as an example. First you need to launch AOMEI Partition Assistant Server and go to its main interface. Then right click d drive and select “Resize Partition”.

Resize A Partition

2. Then specify the new size of d drive by moving the slider. Here move the slider to right to let unallocated space behind c drive. (Note: If you move left to let the unallocated space behind d drive. Then you need “Move Partition” to change the location of d partition and unallocated space )

Move and Resize Partition

3. Then right click c to resize partition. Move the slider to right to increase c partition size.

Extend Partition Size

4. At last, click “Apply” and then "Proceed" to finish increase Server 2003 partition size.



  • In addition to resize partition size to extend partition, also there are some other ways to do that task, such as “Extend Partition Wizard” to extend partition. Also “Allocate Free Space” is ok. You can allocate space from d to c, and it is very easy.

  • Besides, merge partitions feature also can help you to increase partition size Server 2003, you can merge two adjacent partitions into one bigger partition, or merge c with unallocated space.

  • It can also work under Windows Server 2008 (R2)/2012(R2)/2016/2019.

You can Download AOMEI Partition Assistant Server to try it out.