Extend Partition Wizard Built-in AOMEI Partition Assistant Changes Partition Size without Rebooting

Mar 08, 2018

The Extend Partition Wizard will help users easily extend system partition and data partition without data loss and restarting in Windows 10, Windows 7, 8/8.1, XP, Vista, etc.

Extend Partition Wizard

Extend Partition Wizard is a built-in feature in AOMEI Partition Assistant that allows you to extend one partition using the free space in the other partition. It is an easy-to-follow wizard.

1. Due to the insufficient space of your C drive, you will always get "low disk space" warning when you open your computer. Besides, the low disk space has direct effect on your computer performance.

2. At the beginning, you allocate enough space to C drive, however, day after day the partition mode is unbalanced and you realize there isn't enough space on your C drive. However, you find there is free space in other partitions. You image if you can extend C drive with those free space, the problem will be solved. What would you do?

To generate free space, some users will uninstall unnecessary applications and delete useless files. But after a couple of weeks, the same problems will appear again. Generally speaking, the direct way to solve the aforementioned issue is to extend system partition.

Disk Management is a built-in tool in Windows which can help you extend/format/delete/shrink/create partitions and change drive letters. Extending partition with Disk Management, you must have unallocated space next to the partition which you need to expand. Otherwise, the button is grayed out because you can only extend partition to adjacent space in Disk Management.

In the following window, you can see there is unallocated space behind D drive, but if you want to extend C drive by right-click, the Extend Volume is grayed out.

extend volume

Of course, with help of Disk Management, you can manage your partition even though there is limitation for some of its features. However, for some advanced users, these features can't satisfy their needs of allocating free space, converting dynamic disk to basic disk, migrating OS to SSD or Making bootable CD. Besides, not every one is familiar with Disk Management.

AOMEI Partition Assistant is professional partition manager to optimize your computer. It has added Extend Partition Wizard since it was released with the purpose of simplifying resizing partition. This wizard assists users easily to extend system partition or adjust data partition size automatically without restarting computer. So, for Windows Server users, this wizard helps them a lot to fix server low disk space problem and maximize computer's performance.

Extend Partition Wizard was added in all five AOMEI Partition Assistant Editions: Standard Edition (Free Partition Manager), Professional Edition (Windows Partition Manager), Server Edition (Server Partition Magic Alternative), Unlimited Edition and Technician Edition. The right edition could help you to extend partition safely.

1. Close all running programs on the partition which you wan to extend.
2. Do not forcibly terminate the tasks or cut off the power.

There are two accesses to launch Extend Partition Wizard, in AOMEI Partition Assistant main interface, we could click "All Tools"-> "Extend Partition Wizard" in the left side bar:
Choose Extend system partition then click Next.
Choose the disk which you want to release free space (take D drive for example) and then click Next.
Move the slide bar as presented in the picture below to adjust the new partition size of system C drive then click Next
Click Proceed.

With the help of the Extend Partition Wizard in AOMEI Partition Assistant, one can easily extend a partition in clicks. This is suitable for those who have less knowledge of computer. What's more, this powerful partition manager software has different versions for home users, business users and Server users. You can find the most suitable one for you.


1. Extend Partition Wizard does not support GPT disk.
2. Extend Partition Wizard only supports NTFS partition.
3. If the partition is hidden or doesn't have a drive letter, please assign a drive letter first.

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